Save Time with Air Bubble & Mailer Combination

When getting ready to mail valuable items, it is necessary to be mindful of how you’re wrapping the items in order to ensure that they get to their destination intact. Using packing paper or bubble wrap is often a standard approach to providing cushion and protection for your shipment. Depending on how large the package is, wrapping everything up can sometimes be a time consuming task.

Alliance Rubber provides a convenient option that combines air bubble protection with a durable outer material. The Kraft Bubble Mailer has a stiff, rugged exterior layer, while the inside of the mailer is lined with puncture-resistant air bubbles.

The contents of your shipment are secured by a self-adhesive strip closure. Every mailer has To/From Address line to make it easy to make down mailing information. In addition, the mailer itself is water-resistant in order to ensure the complete protection of the item. Mailers come in a variety of sizes from 4 x 8 to 14 ¼ x 20.

Overall, this is a lightweight option for individuals to utilize for shipping valuable items. Do you think this would save time on wrapping prior to shipping material? Let us know below!

Save time when wrapping items to ship by using Alliance Rubber's mailers that help to keep package contents protected during transportation.

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