Rubber Bands Prove to be Strong and Economical

Being organized and keeping your work space in order does not have to be an expensive investment. Sometimes going back to the basics can help you stay on budget without disrupting how you store things in your office. Alliance has created a line of rubber bands to help you stay organized without spending a fortune.

The Eco Rubber Bands are designed to have the strong qualities of Alliance’s other rubber bands, while still being economical. These quality bands are available in two different colors, crepe and blue. The rubber material creates a heavier type of band with a firm stretch.

Available in over ten different sizes, these rubber bands have the ability to make your office, at home or at work, more manageable to keep organized. Use the bands to group together loose items such as pens or markers. Larger rubber bands could be helpful for wrapping together business cards, company catalogs or your monthly set of bills.

Use these durable rubber bands to help keep you organized on a budget!

Alliance Rubber Eco Rubber Bands

These Eco Rubbers Bands are available in multiple sizes, but all come packed in a poly bag.

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