Price Marking Kit Beneficial During Holiday Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, stores everywhere are deciding on their sales strategy to entice shoppers who are ready to spend. Although some stores may make decisions on pricing, it can change, depending on what type of response the business receives from their customers.

Adjusting pricing on products can be time consuming, but Alliance Rubber has a product that can help speed up the process.

The Price Marking Kit is an all-in-one device that helps to physically place the price on products. The kit includes a price marking gun, 6 rolls of white labels and 4 rolls of red labels. Once the roll of labels is properly loaded onto the price marking gun, then the store employee is ready to start marking the products.

What a time saver this will be, especially during the busy holiday season. What has your experience been with the Alliance Rubber Price Marking Kit? Let us know below.

Alliance Rubber Price Marking Kit

The Price Marking Kit comes complete with a marking gun that already has an ink cartridge installed in it.

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