Packaging Tape Ideal for Securing Boxes During Move

Whether you are moving or just doing some spring time cleaning, it is important to make sure items are secure and protected, while they are being stored. Boxes are a great way to store items because it makes it easy to stack material and keep things secure.

Alliance Rubber Bands has Packaging Tape to help boxes remain closed during a move to ensure items stay as protected as possible. The polypropylene tape is clear and is 2 inches wide x 55 yards long. Choose between two different types of adhesive, hot melt or acrylic, and two different thicknesses, 1.8 mil. and 2.6 mil., depending on the job.

Purchase the tape rolls individually and use them by themselves or load onto a tape gun for easy taping. This is especially beneficial if you will be taping a lot of boxes.

Alliance Rubber Polypropylene Packaging Tape

Available with different adhesives and thickness, the durable packaging tape helps seal packages and boxes.

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