Organize Students’ Transportation to School with Bus Bands

Getting students to school safely is a major concern for both parents and schools. Many children may ride the bus or get dropped off on a regular basis. However, schedules can change, which ends up disrupting the typical routine.

Asking a young child to remember on Wednesdays they are bus riders, for example, is not necessarily the safest way to keeping everyone organized. Instead, schools and parents will be relieved to know that Alliance Rubber has ID bracelets specifically for this situation.

The Bus Bands ID Bracelets are colorful plastic bands that have “Car Rider” or “My Bus # is ___” imprinted directly on the band. Since the bracelets have the ability to be written on, it allows teachers or parents to customize the band and make any other necessary notes. Each pack comes with a mixture of both types, so your student will be ready.

Alliance’s Bus Bands can eliminate any confusion as to how kids will get home safely. Have you had the opportunity to use the bracelets? Let us know below.

The colors identify the type of band it is: yellow for bus riders and blue for car riders.

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