Organize and Label Cables with Alliance

Using electronic devices such as desktop computers, cable and DVD players can at times create a cord nightmare. There is a larger potential for wires and cable to become tangled together the more devices that are used. This makes it difficult to determine what the cords belong to.

In order to avoid this complicated mess, Alliance Rubber has developed a specialty product that offers a unique solution. The IT Cable Wrapz make it easy to organize numerous cords in addition to labeling them for identification purposes.

The Wrapz are made of non-conductive, non-metallic material that makes them appropriate cable organizers.   They also come in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate the type of cables they will be used for. The write-on area is located on every Wrapz. Alliance suggests using a permanent marker on the surface to ensure the label is visible.

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Organize and label cables in order help identify what device they belong to with Alliance IT Cable Wrapz.

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