Office Product and Stress Reliever in One

Have you ever heard of an office product that can also function as a stress reliever tool?

Alliance Rubber has a unique product that has multiple uses. The Desk Rubber Band Ball is the perfect desktop accessory. Whether you use it at your home or work office, it can help you through your work day in more ways than one.

The band ball is made up of 250 rubber bands that are 2” in size and come in assorted colors. Since the ball is compact, it can remain on your desktop in order to make the bands accessible at all times. The colors make it an eye appealing accessory that can be used to color code items when in use.

Additionally, the rubber band ball can be used like a stress ball would be. Simply, squeeze the band ball in order to relieve stress.

What are your thoughts on Alliance’s Rubber Band Ball? Let us know below!

Use Alliance Rubber' Desktop Rubber Band Ball and add a colorful desktop accessory that can serve multiple purposes!

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