Latex Free Rubber Bands Perfect for Hospitals or Schools

Rubber bands are a timeless office product that can be useful in a variety of circumstances. The bands have the ability to group various items together in a matter of seconds. Because this simple item is so beneficial, Alliance Rubber has developed many different types of bands.

The Latex Free Rubber Bands have all the components of a standard rubber band, but the material makes it ideal for specific settings. For example, medical facilities and schools are a great environment for this style of rubber band.

Since the bands are made from latex-free material, it will protect individuals from having a reaction if they are allergic and have sensitivity towards latex. Although the product does not have natural rubber proteins, it still is a high quality rubber band. Additionally, it is a bright orange color, making it easy to identify from other bands.

What is your favorite use of any of the Alliance Rubber products? Share with us your thoughts below.

Alliance Rubber Latex Free Rubber Bands

The bright orange color of the Latex Free Rubber Bands will help identify them from other bands.

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