Large File Folders are Now Band Together with Alliance

File folders are commonly used in the work environment to store and organize paperwork. Although the files can often hold large amounts of documents, the folders can sometimes stretch out or have trouble closing, which does not provide the same protection.

Alliance Rubber has a product that keeps files grouped together. Great for both regular and archival filing, the X-treme File Bands have the ability to band together files to ensure documents remain in place.

The bands are constructed out of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, EPDM, which is a latex free formula that allows the file bands to be UV and ozone resistant. The material ensures that the bands have an extended lifespan.

How would you employ the X-treme File Bands at your office? Let us know below.

The file bands, 7 x 1/8 in size, are available in two different colors to help color code files, if necessary.

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