IT Cable Bands Keep Wires Organized

Although technology may be constantly changing, the wires that come with electronic products always seem to stay the same. Managing and keeping the wires organized is difficult, especially when there is no identifier to help determine what device each wire belongs to.

Alliance Rubber IT Cable Wrapz are able to group wires together to eliminate any tangling and disorganization that can easily occur. The wrapz are made out of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer material, which makes them weather, UV and ozone resistant.

Since the bands are non-conductive and non-metallic, there is no risk that the material can create line noise or cross talk. The black wrapz are available in two different sizes, which make them able to work for a variety of situations.

Another benefit to these wrapz is the easy to use “write-on” area, which helps to label what device the wire belongs to. This feature makes it possible to know the purpose of each wire, which is especially helpful when moving a device or attempting to fix something.

By using these time saving IT cable bands, you can eliminate wire clutter and keep all the TV, computer and other cables organized. How would you use these IT Cable Wrapz? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section.

Alliance Rubber IT Cable Wrapz

Avoid clutter and wires being tangled up by organize then with these the IT Cable Wrapz.

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