Holiday Wrapz Keep Light and Décor Bundled and Organized

With the holiday season coming to a close and the New Year in full swing, it is time to put the decorations and festive lights away until next year. Keeping everything intact while in storage is the most important thing when packing up everything.

Often, lights or tree garland can cause the most trouble because they almost always tangle up while in storage. Alliance Rubber has the holiday décor solution, which helps this problem, in particular.

The Holiday Wrapz allow for decorations, such as lights, to remain grouped together and organized during storage. The wrapz are available in two different sizes to accommodate larger items. They are made from ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM, allowing the wrapz to increase the decorations longevity, while being stored.

To use, simply bundle a string of lights by wrapping the cable around them at various points until they appear secure. Sound simple? Try out Alliance’s Holiday Wrapz and let us know how they helped keep your holiday decorations in order.

The Holiday Wrapz are available in two different sizes in order to accommodate both large and small bundles.

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