Get Your Outdoor Organization in Gear

Need a way to bundle the patio furniture this fall? Get your outdoors in order before it is too far into the cold weather season with 48 Inch Gear Strapz, from Alliance Rubber.

The 48 inch adjustable straps are perfect for bundling together bulky equipment and furniture and to hold down protective tarp coverings. The straps are available either black or camouflage print.

The straps are made from EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), which is a synthetic rubber compound. Because of EPDM’s resistance to ozone, oxidants and severe weather conditions, the straps provide superior durability in outdoor and all-weather situations.

Alliance Rubber 48 Inch Gear Strapz

Alliance Rubber 48 Inch Gear Strapz are made of EPDM, which provides extra durability, even in outdoor and all-weather environments.

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