Combo Pack Ideal for Rough Environments

Rubber bands are ideal for binding together items that sometimes may be difficult to store. While there are different degrees of the strength and size, all bands of the same general purpose. Alliance has several different types of rubber bands for various situations.

Many situations tend to require tough bands that can withstand rough conditions. The STRAC Combo Pack is a set of rubber bands and Cable Wrapz™ that are durable, weather resistant bands. They are even packed in a water-resistant poly bag to avoid the contents being damaged.

This pack has the ability to secure everything from ropes and hoses to suspenders and oars to a rucksack if that is necessary. There are 16 bands in total. The rubber bands come in two different sizes, while the Cable Wrapz™ come in three different sizes.

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The bands in the combo pack have the ability to stretch to adjust to the load, while still allowing for a quick release.

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