Cable Wrapz Help Organize the Garage During Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is here. Getting your house organized and clutter-free can be a tedious process. While going through the interior of the house, it is important to remember that your garage needs some love to! After the busy winter months, it deserves some TLC to get it in top shape for the summer.

Organizing your lawn care tools and other items stored in the garage is important. Many tools have cables, which can get tangled and potentially be hazardous if it is not stored properly. Alliance Rubber has Multi Color Cable Wrapz to help keep cords organized.

The wrapz are available in four difference sizes and can be easily identified by the color. Using the wrapz makes it possible to bundle extension cords or tool cables together. The bright colors also help the cords stand-out to people that may be in the garage.

How have you used the Multi Color Cable Wrapz in the past? Let us know below.

Each color represents a different size that is available to use to bundle together extension cords and other cables.

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