Alliance Can Bandz Help Secure Trash Can Liners

There is nothing worse than going to throw something away and realizing that the garbage bag is no longer secure on the trash can. Noticing this after you already tossed something in the wastebasket can create a mess, which ends up making more work.

To avoid this situation in the future, Alliance Rubber has developed a product to help secure trash can liners. The Can Bandz are reusable, elastic bands that wrap around the outside of the wastebasket, securing the top of the garbage bag to the basket.

The durable material allows the band to fit any shape or size container up to 32 gallons in size. The bands are black in color, so they can blend in when in-use. When the Can Bandz are not being used, simply store them in the resealable poly bag that they come in.

Would you benefit from using Alliance’s Can Bandz? If so, let us know how you would use them below.

Alliance Rubber Can Bandz

The black Can Bandz can fit around any shape or size container, up to 32 gallons.

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