3 Uses for Alliance Rubber Corner to Corner Bands

Alliance has many unique products that help band one item to another. The durable rubber, which makes up many of their products, allows the item to remain intact while working hard to group things together.

The Corner to Corner Bands are 8-1/2” in size and have the ability to stretch to 24” with ease when placed on opposite corners. Since the band is one continuous piece, it will not snap on paperwork and it can be reused in the future.

Here are some situations when the Corner to Corner Bands can be helpful.

  1. If a file has become too large, use the band to hold all the paperwork together.
  2. For unconventional sized pages that do not fit into traditional folders, use the Corner to Corner Bands to group documents.
  3. Project information could be broken into numerous files. Gather several files and secure them together with the bands.
Alliance Rubber Corner to Corner Bands

Reusable bands can be used to group together small files or stacks of paper.

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