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Rotary Magazine Rack Great for Small Office Spaces

Friday, April 26th, 2019

Sandusky Buddy’s Rotary Magazine Rack is a freestanding unit that is able to provide more storage than a table surface. It can help save storage space in your office or conference room. Plus, it is a great way to display reading materials or forms for guests.

The rotatable top storage that has four sides and on each side, there are four sections to store magazines or pamphlets. There is also additional storage located in the base cabinet, which measures to 15-1/4 wide x 15-1/2 deep x 19-5/8 height. The base is a great spot to hold extra magazines or items that are slightly bigger. This literature display is made of wood laminate that makes it a very neutral color and suitable for any professional setting.

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The top of the unit rests on a ball bearing track and rotates a full 360 degrees for easy access.

Extra Pocket Means Extra Storage

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

Sometimes we have a lot of documents to store but not enough to put them in an expanding file. C-Line’s Tri-Fold Poly Portfolio is the same size as a standard two-pocket folder when closed. However, when opened it has three-pockets. The extra pocket you get with a traditional folder design means more storage space for your letter-size documents. This folder can definitely hold more than your traditional two-pocket folder.

The Tri-Fold Poly Portfolios are easy to transport and come in a variety of colors!

The folders are great for classroom or office setting because they are made from heavyweight poly material, which will last a long time. Also, the business card holder on the middle pocket allows you to insert your business card or you can use it to either identify client presentations, class reports, or other important files. Plus, you can color coordinate your documents based on the portfolio colors. The folders come in the following colors black, blue, green, orange, red, purple and yellow.

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Mail Valuables with Durable Kraft Bubble Mailers

Friday, April 12th, 2019

It is important to keep valuables protected while mailing them and you can easily achieve that with Alliance Rubber’s Kraft Bubble Mailer.

The Kraft Bubble Mailers are a combination of a lined puncture-resistant air bubble interior and a stiff, rugged exterior. With all of that protection, the mailers are lightweight which can be save on postage.

The Kraft Bubble Mailers are ideal for mailing pictures, cassettes, jewelry & more!

A self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive strip helps secure the contents of your shipments. Also, the water-resistant envelopes have “To” and “From” address lines printed on them for easy use. The mailers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from  4 x 8 to 14 1/4 x 2. The envelope size options make it easy to find a mailer that fits the items that you are shipping.

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