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Keep Your Personal Information Private While On the Go

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

As the weather is getting warmer, people are now more active and ready to travel more. However, some people do not have good intentions. Tarifold can help you keep your personal information protected with the Hidentity Personal Protection Assortment Set.

In the assortment set there is one passport/document protector, one double pocket card protector, one duo 2 credit card sleeve protector and one secure admission badge holder. Each piece provides maximum data and identity theft protection with the Cryptalloy material. Cryptalloy is a high-tech RFID shielding foil that blocks radio transmission technology.

Say no more to theft of electronic data, identity theft, electronic pickpocketing, payment fraud and unintentional contactless payments. Plus, the plastic sleeves can protect your cards and IDs from being scratched.

The color of each of the items in the Hidentity Personal Protection Assortment Set are in plain dark colors, which can help stay unnoticed from people who have hidden agendas.

Each item in the assortment set has Cryptalloy that outperforms all other aluminum/copper protection material.

This Tarifold item is great item to have while traveling. What do you think about this set?