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Desk Pad Calendar Helps Keep Track of Important Dates

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

The year is coming to an end, which gives us a reason to be prepared for the new year. Take some time out of your day to organize your events and plans. It is never too early to be organized and stay on top of plans. There are different office products that can help you keep track of important information, such as House of Doolittle’s Eco Tones Desk Pad.

The Desk Pad has a simple and clean look that will make it easier to identify different plans on different days. The calendar spans from January to December. Plus, each day has a spacious block in 2 7/8 x 2 1/4 inch, which gives plenty of room to jot down notes. There is also blank space on top of the calendar for extra writing space. This is very convenient especially if used on a desk.

The calendar is available in Blue, Cream, Rose, Gray, Tan, Green and Orchid. They all are very neutral colors, which are great for the office environment. Additionally, there are four chipboard reinforced leatherette corners that will keep your calendar from folding or bending.

House of Doolittle’s Eco Desk Pad Calendars are easy on the eyes and are also made for you to stay on top of your plans easily.

Keep your calendar visible for easy planning. Let us know if you have used House of Doolittle’s calendar before in the comment section below.