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Keep Big Items Organized with SuperSize Bands

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Are you only finding small rubber bands around but don’t know where to get big rubber bands to solve your big bundling problem? Alliance has larger versions of rubber bands as a solution to your issue. Your big job can now be solved with SuperSize Bands.

The SuperSize Bands are available in three different sizes, which gives the ability to bundle and support various large items. These bands are essential in any circumstance. Use the large band to secure garbage bags in place, hold down carton flaps, corrugate recycled cardboard and papers, or bind large document files.

Packaged in a resealable poly bag for easy storage.

Plus, the bands are sold in an assorted pack with three distinct colors – red, blue and green – for the ability to color code boxes, bundles and more.  Each color is assigned a size to help identify how large the band is. For example, all the blue bands are 17” x 1/4” in size.

These SuperSize Bands can be super helpful in almost any other setting such as household, office, factory and more. Let us know how these SuperSize Bands would help you below.

Keep References More Visible to Stay on Task

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

People tend to forget about tasks or projects when they are not visualized, so why not have your walls do the work for you. Use Tarifold’s Individual Paperwork Organizer and hang ongoing projects, schedules and tasks to keep you motivated to stay on task.

The holder is vertically oriented with an expandable pocket. You can insert a single letter-size paper, store a multiple page document or a brochure. The pocket holder is clear on both sides, which allows for more visibility. Also, the sturdy metal hanger on top will prevent stored materials from falling off the wall easily.

The holders come in a pack of five pockets, so no need to worry about running out of storage space. Plus, if you need more, Tarifold allows you to put the display holders in an organization system for easy filing.

Tarifold Vertical Hanging Pocket, 5/PK

Hang files with the two loops on top of the holder and view more information with the clear double sided hanging pocket.

Sandusky Buddy Keyboard Drawer De-clutter Desk Space

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

With technology growing, more and more office workers are now sitting in front of a desk facing a computer majority of the day. For this reason, it is very important for workers to have a non-cluttered desk space. To create extra space, move your keyboard and mouse to a new platform with Sandusky Buddy’s Articulating Keyboard Drawer with Mouse Platform.

Sandusky Buddy Products Articulating Keyboard Drawer w/ Mouse Platform

The keyboard drawer can adjust 2-1/4″ in height and the angle can adjust to 15° for a proper “reverse angle” position.

Installing this Sandusky Buddy product will help free up desk space and give more moving room around the desk. The spacious keyboard drawer can store a standard size keyboard along with a mouse, which means more open desk space to store documents and to write on the desk. When the keyboard drawer is not in use, simply slide and lock the 10” extended drawer underneath the desk. In addition, no one will hear you changing from the using the keyboard drawer to using the desk because the full ball-bearing glides quietly.

The additional space will also allow you to be more comfortable working at a desk. The keyboard drawer includes a mouse pad that helps the mouse glide easily when operating the computer, and the wrist rest makes it more comfortable utilizing the mouse.

Sandusky Buddy Products Articulating Keyboard Drawer will instantly create more storage space by removing the keyboard and mouse from your desktop area and open up work space. Let us know how Sandusky Buddy Products help de-clutter your desk space in the comments below.

Condense all Small Articles Inside Junior Size Expanding File

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Although a lot of transactions are now digitally processed, we still have hard copies of paperwork such as checks, receipts and coupons. Sometimes stores require us to have receipts or paper of proof to provide us a full refund or even process our order. To keep track of  easily misplaced small papers, C-Line’s Junior Size Expanding File would be an ideal solution.

The Expanding file is made of durable, acid-free polypropylene, which means it will protect all your 10 x 5 documents stored inside and prevent it from getting damaged or smeared. It also has a button and elastic closure to insure that receipts or checks don’t fall out.

C-Line Products 13-Pocket Junior Size Expanding File

This expanding file comes in assorted colors that are great for identifying information stored inside the file.

Don’t underestimate the expanding file by its size.  It has 13 pockets that would be a great tool to sort and organize papers in various categories, but all in one file. If you want to sort alphabetically or monthly, it comes with  pre-printed tab inserts.

This small, but useful expanding file would be great for everyday use. Plus, it is light weight so you might not even notice that you are carrying it around. Please let us how would you use the Junior Size Expanding File in the comment section.

Latex-Free, Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands Used in Hospitals

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Hospitals and clinics often have patients that have allergies or are more sensitive.  Therefore, to limit any health risks and to be more cautious, hospitals and clinics need to selectively choose products they use on patients or products that patients indirectly encounter. Especially for products that needs to be used on a regular basis.

Rubber bands are often used during procedures or to bond equipment together. These Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands created by Alliance Rubber would come in handy for hospitals or clinics to use. It is made from a latex-free formula that will prolong the life of the band. It contains an antimicrobial material and no natural rubber protein, which inhibits the growth of fungi, mold and bacteria.

These specialty bands have a cyan blue color for easy identification. Additionally, it comes in  four different sizes that can fit the needs of any circumstance. They are packed in 1 / 4 pound boxes and each box can hold about 360 rubber bands.

Alliance Rubber Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands

The specialty rubber bands has a “soft stretch” quality that protects against users developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Stay on Track with Dry Erase Calendar Sheets

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Jotting down plans or schedules is a great way to organize busy time tables. However, many people use a lot of paper when they are organizing their calendar. To reduce waste and better coordinate time tables, use Go Write’s Self-Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets

GoWrite Dry Erase Sheets measure 17 x 22 inches (3 sheets included).

The Self Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets are great for use in the classroom, office or at home. These sheets are very economical because it has a self-stick ultra removable adhesive back that allows the sheet to be reused and reduce paper waste. The calendar sheets can apply to easily visible and convenient surfaces such as walls, refrigerators, desks, doors and more as a reminder of events priority.

The dry erase sheets are labeled Monday through Sunday to customize monthly schedules. With the dry erase technology, it guarantees to erase when used with dry erase markers. GoWrite’s Self Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets perfect for organizing and customizing schedules. Would these dry erase sheets come in helpful for your planning? Let us know below.

Classroom Connector Folders Help Bond School and Home

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Often many educators wonder how to make the connection between school and home stronger, C-Line has a solution for teachers. Classroom Connector Folders are absolutely suited for the classroom environment and keep parents and caregivers informed with daily updates on lessons, projects, behavior and more.

These school-to-home two-pocket folders are made of durable, acid-free polypropylene, which will endure students’ usage and not tear or rip easily. Also, it allows students to express themselves by choosing from the assorted color folders. With the translucent front and back cover pockets, it makes them great for students to be creative by customizing their own cover sheets. School work is instantly more fun with a colorful and unique folder.

C-Line Products Classroom Connector Folders

Classroom Connector Folders come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Most importantly, the interior pockets are imprinted with ‘Home’ and ‘School’ designations, in both English and Spanish. This feature not only benefits families, but also makes it easier for parents to guide students on any school work and help students grasp the concept of productivity and work.

The special designed Classroom Connector Folders are great for educators to bond and encourage students to learn and be creative.

Secure Inter-Office Communication with Sandusky Buddy Mailbox

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Everyone in business agrees that feedback is important to create excellent experiences. Nowadays, companies seek feedback through surveys, which takes away other opportunities for interoffice memos, music and document transfers. Sandusky Buddy’s Inter-Office Mailbox not only can be used for surveys, but also outgoing mail collection and more, which will open up employees’ feedback.

The Inter-Office Mailbox is a compact size of 18″ x 7″ x 18″, that can be mounted on to a wall to free up more office space and be more visible for users. It can also be left on a flat surface that can be easily moved to other locations in the office.

Sandusky Buddy Products Inter-Office Mailbox

This sturdy mailbox is made from 30% recycled steel and is great for exchanging confidential information.

The mailbox has a slotted open top, which will allow any type of inter-office documents to be inserted inside such as outgoing mail, private memos, diskettes, CDs and more. There is also a wafer tumbler lock to secure contents inside and ensure employees documents confidentiality. Sandusky Buddy has provided an extra key for extra security. When files are ready to be viewed, unlock the full piano hinge door to retrieve all contents inside the box.

Sandusky Buddy’s Inter Office Mailbox is a great way to secure communication within the company, but also introduce different forms communications by having employees submit memos or disks. How would you use this product? Share with us in the comments below.

Dividers with Preprinted Indexes in One

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Organizing ring binders that need a more cohesive look with laminated labels can be done easily with Kleer-fax’s Pride Series Preprinted Laminated Tabs. The dividers are made to be extra durable, which is good for sorting and easy to reference files.

The letter-size Preprinted Ringbook Indexes serve as dividers and are constructed of 32-pound recycled stock with 30 percent post-consumer waste. The dividers are three-hole punched for easy storage in a 3-ring binder.

Kleer-fax Pride Series Preprinted Laminated Tabs

Available with three different label systems and reinforced with Clear Mylar material.

Each set of tabs are printed on both sides that are labeled either numerically (1-31), by month (Jan-Dec.) or alphabetically (A-Z) in black ink, which saves users the hassle of hand writing labels. In addition, each tab is sealed with a clear Mylar material that reinforce the binding edge and enhance the strength of the tab, allowing for long-term usage.

Kleer-fax Pride Series Preprinted Laminated Tabs does two jobs in one – Indexes and Divides – at an economy price. What’s not to like?