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Protect Paper with an Easy Standard Pocket

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

For people or companies that have important documents that are essential to doing business daily, this product is for you. Tarifold, who is known for their desktop organizers, has an Easy Standard Pocket that will keep your documents visible, accessible and protected.

The letter-size Standard Pocket is clear on both sides allowing documents to be visible from the outside. This feature is beneficial for anyone who needs a quick reference, such as workers in a warehouse who needs to find a product quickly in their inventory or office workers who needs to reference their phone lists for calls.

Tarifold Easy Standard Pocket

Quickly view, easy access, and protect documents with an Easy Standard Pocket.

This pocket has a transparent plastic cover that protects documents. Made with a durable outer edge, this product provides extra protection to papers stored inside. The handy pocket also features top and side openings for quick and easy access. Simply pull off the cover sheet and slide the documents in to secure them in place.

This heavy-duty pocket helps protect documents as well as keeping information accessible. Try Tarifold’s Easy Standard Pocket and let us know your comments.

Economical Solution: Durable and Reusable Magnetic Style Name Badges

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

C-Line‘s Magnetic Style Name Badge Kit is perfect for conferences and social events. This stylish name badge is durable and reusable making it a very economical purchase.

These magnetic name badges attach easily to clothing and are damage free, unlike other badges that use clips and pins. The reusable translucent plastic holders are PVC-free which make them non-reflective and lightweight.

C-Line Products Magnetic Style Name Badge Kit

The magnetic style name badge can be reused by inserting new name tags.

The 4 x 3 size badges come with micro-perforated blank replacement name badge inserts that can be customized using the kit’s built-in templates that are compatible with Microsoft and Coral computer programs. Simply design your insert using the templates, then print using a laser or inkjet printer. Once the name tags and IDs are completed, slide them in from the top into the holder to prominently display the insert and help identify meeting attendees.

This inventive Magnetic Style Name Badge Kit is great for professionals attending networking events. It is easy to use, customizable and reusable. Share your comments with us down below.

X-treme File Bands for Extreme Binding

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Need a rubber band that will take binding files to the next level? Alliance Rubber has you covered. The X-treme File Bands are great for both archival and regular filing.

The X-treme File Bands are perfect for long-term storage in extreme environments. They are very durable, since they contain a latex-free, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), formula. EPDM makes the rubber bands UV and ozone resistant. The material also prolongs the longevity of the bands. The file bands can withstand rough environments, such as warehouses, with its high tensile strength.

The file bands contains EPDM, which makes it very durable and can reduce changing rubber bands often.

The 7 x 1/8 bands not only can band items together tightly, but also allow customers to organize files by color coding.  These rubbers bands are able to wrap around large number of files and keep them in place. With documents grouped in place, it is easier to transport them. The bands are available in lime green and black. The lime green color lets costumers instantly recognize files, and the black color adds a professional appearance.

Alliance X-treme File Bands are perfect to store items long term and to use for daily organizing. Let us know how they worked out for you down in the comments below.

More Space Saving, More Fun

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Sandusky Buddy Products Table with Literature Rack is not only great for displaying magazines, but also encourages users to read and have more fun.

The Literature Rack can add storage to your home and office area. It is a 3-in-1 furniture piece that can store miscellaneous items, display all kinds of information and organize products. There are four sides to the table, which can be used to store extra documents or files.  Besides putting reading materials on the Table Literature Rack, this product has extra storage. Pop open the top of the table and you will find a concealed space that can be used to store office supplies, documents, toys, DVDS and more. Seeing reading materials may encourage users to read more. After enjoying a long read, take a break and find interesting materials to play with inside the table.

The table can display magazines on the literature rack and save space by storing miscellaneous items inside it.

This Sandusky Buddy product is made of solid oak and comes in two different finishes -medium oak and mahogany. These color options allow customers to choose the furniture that best compliments their home or office environment. Don’t be limited to the typical home or office. This wooden table can also be used in waiting rooms and trade shows, allowing people who are walking by to relax and enjoy the literature displayed on the racks or even play with the goodies stored inside the table’s concealed storage area.

Who doesn’t want to save space, be organized, and enjoy a delightful read? Tell us your experience if you have used Buddy’s literature racks.

Desk Space Saver Increases Productivity

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Is your desk space cluttered? Are you having difficulty quickly accessing your paperwork? Look no further, Tarifold’s FoldFive Desktop Organizer Starter Set is perfect to get you organized and increase work productivity.

Tarifold FoldFive Desktop Organizer Starter Set

The desktop organizer can store and protect up to 100 letter-size pages.

This one-of-a-kind Tarifold organizer can help de-clutter your desk. It has a durable powder coated metal desk stand that can stand upright directly on your desktop, which creates more open space on your desk for other work tasks.

Another benefit of this starter set is that it will keep you organized. It has ten assorted wire-reinforced pockets that allow you to color code documents and hold up to 100 letter-size pages. To store more files, simply add on more pockets. This specialty organizer has the ability to expand to hold up to 30 pockets, with a total sheet capacity of 300 pages.

With a clean desk, you will have a clearer head. The desktop organizer is perfect for daily use where it can be your reference at hand. The snap-on index tabs that are included in the unit will aid you in finding information quickly and will make you more efficient at work.

The uniquely designed FoldFive Desktop Organizer set is ideal for people working in a limited space, who want to be more organized and have higher work productivity.