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Daily Planners Help Organize a Daily Schedules From AM to PM

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Some people like a calendar that can display an entire months worth of appointments at one time, while others like to look at appointments on a day-by-day basis. House of Doolittle carries a line of planners for those who like to focus on one day at a time.

The 5” x 8” Daily Planner is a spiral-bound planner with a black leatherette cover. The 12-month planner shows one page for each weekday with a reference calendar of the current and future month located in the corner of each two-page spread.

The weekday page is lined and has quarter-hourly appointments, ranging in time from 7:00am to 7:45pm. This provides everyone from students to work professionals with enough of a time to include personal, work and school appointments.

Storing information inside the daily planner allows users to reference previous appointments since each weekday is allotted enough space to include details about appointments.

House of Doolittle Daily Planner

Wire bound planner dedicates one page for each day to provide ample space to write down appointments.

Instantly Create Tabs for Hanging Files with Kleer-fax

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Although everyone organizes differently, it is important to be sure that paperwork can be located while it is being stored. Some people may utilize file folders inside hanging files to organize documents within a folder. Kleer-fax has a tool that will allow documents to be freely stored inside the hanging file and still allow it to be identified.

The Hanging File Folder Tabs make it possible for individuals to attach an identifying tab to the hanging folder, making it easier to locate specific information when necessary. Tabs are clear for easier reading of the tab label.

Available in a 1/5 and 1/3 cut, the plastic tabs come with a strip style insert that fits inside the tab, instantly creating a label for the folder.

Also available are laser/inkjet compatible inserts (sold separately) that can be used to create customized tabs.

Kleer-fax Hanging File Folder Tabs Bulk Packed Tabs

Available in two different sizes, the Hanging File Folder Tabs help identify where information is located in a filing cabinet.

Hanging Pocket Makes HR Documents Accessible to Staff

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Some businesses may not have a way to share electronic files with employees. Instead, staff members will have to physically go to the Human Recourse office for employee paperwork like vacation requests and policy information. For these types of situations, Tarifold can make it easy for employees to location important documents.

Use the Vertical Hanging Pockets to store letter-size documents and allow staff to have access to the documents at all times. Available in a pack of five pockets, the holders are expandable so that can store several copies of meeting hand-outs or company insurance plan information.

Located at the top of the holder is a metal hook that allows the pocket to hang outside the Human Resource office. This will allow documents to be accessible even if HR personal is busy or out of the office.

Tarifold Vertical Hanging Pocket, 5/PK

Letter-size, vertical pockets have two loops at the top of the file making it easy to hanging the file.

Professional Legal File Ideal for Transporting Documents

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Legal size documents can be beneficial when printing contracts and spreadsheets that have large amounts of information to report. This size allows for more information to be communicated on one page, while also allowing spreadsheets to be formatted in a way that makes it easier to read the document.

C-Line Products has a variety of expanding files that cater to the standard letter-size documents. However, when it comes to storing legal size, C-Line recently released a file that is professional looking in nature, while being durable enough to protect documents while in transport.

The 13-Pocket Legal Size Poly Expanding File has a smoke exterior that is transparent, making it possible to view documents stored inside. Organize documents of both letter and legal size inside the 13 pockets, while using the preprinted tabs to help identify where information is being stored.

The button and elastic closure ensures that documents remain in place even if the file is taken outside the office or classroom settings. Comprised of heavyweight poly material, not only does the file protect documents during transport, but it also ensures that paperwork stays organized.

C-Line Products 13-Pocket Legal Size Poly Expanding File, Smoke

Legal size file has preprinted tabs to make it easy to locate documents while they are being stored.