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Use Colorful Bands to Identity Staff and Track Guests at Events

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Using ID products during an event can help identify who are approved guests, while also making event staff stand out among the crowd. C-Line has a variety of name badge holders and lanyards to choose from, but the DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands may be the best option to select, especially for large events.

Available in five different colors, the wristbands are able to use color to help identify who’s who at an event. The single-use, waterproof wristbands are sequentially numbered, making it possible to track how many bands are being used and assign a wristband to each attendee.

The bands have the ability to be sized to fit everyone from a small child to an adult’s wrist. To use, peel-off the adhesive liner, located on the back of one end of the wristband. Wrap the band around the wrist and adhere the liner to the badge. This will ensure it is secure and in place, eliminating the band being given to another individual or reused again.

Five individual colors available in the wristbands, making it possible to use specific colors to identify event staff from attendees.


Teachers Organize Documents by Day-of-Week with the Data Rack

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Being organized inside the classroom is essential for each teacher in order to do his or her job most efficiently. When students are in the room, needing constant attention, there simply is not enough time to search for paperwork or reorganize the filing cabinets during the school day.

Buddy has many different office items that can prove valuable for keeping a school teacher organized through the week. The 7 or 9 Pocket Data Racks are storage items that are a must-have inside any classroom.

The metal holder can be affixed to a wall in order to display the letter-size files. Pockets are positioned vertically, making it possible to view the items stored inside the folders, if necessary.

Depending on the style chosen, use the pockets to organize homework or lesson plans by day-of-week. The pockets can also hold extra documents that are used throughout each school day, making it easy for students who are absent to come into the room and catch up on the day they missed. Teachers will have endless options for how this item can be incorporated into their classroom.


Buddy Products 7/9 Pocket Data Rack

Choose between the 7 or 9 pocket styles in order to help organize documents, while keeping them visible.