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Free Up Desk Space with Tarifold’s Telephone Arm

Monday, August 31st, 2015

When it comes to your desktop, if you have limited space available to work that can become a problem. Sometimes there are specific things such as a phone and company directory that need to be available at all times. Why not store these items in a creative way that keeps these items available without taking up desktop space?

Tarifold has a Combination Telephone Arm that creates storage space for your telephone. Combine this unit with a Tarifold Display Unit and you have the ability to store up to 20 letter-size documents right next to your phone.

The unit comes with hardware making the installation an easy process.  Store in your cubicle or office space to create more working space within a matter of minutes.

Tarifold Combination Telephone Arm

Use this unique Combination Telephone Arm to store your office phone along with a Tarifold Wall Unit.

Keep Documents Protected While On-the-Go with Kleer-fax Envelopes

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Teachers will often send home important paperwork with the students for their parents. A child’s backpack can be thought of as somewhat of a danger zone so sending documents home are at risk of being damaged along the way.

Using Kleer-fax Expanding Envelopes to transport paperwork from school to home is a great practice to incorporate in your classroom this upcoming school year. The one-piece construction envelopes have a 2” expansion so they can fit a large amount of paper.

The 11-point red wallet material is comprised of recycled stock and 10 percent post-consumer waste. The material and color is likely different to other items in the book bag, so it will stand-out to parents. Documents inside are secured with the elastic closure, ensuring pages will not be misplaced during transport.

Kleer-fax Expanding Envelopes - Elastic Ties

Expanding up to 2″ wide, the Kleer-fax Envelopes have a durable elastic closure to secure documents in place.

Keep Reference Catalogs Protected with C-Line

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Does your company prepare an annual catalog? At the beginning of the year, do you receive numerous customer or vendor catalogs that you end up referencing throughout the year? If so, the proper precautions should be taken to ensure that the catalog or magazine remains protected.

C-Line has a unique item that ensures the outer covers have a plastic layer protecting it from damage, which can be caused by referencing and using the catalog numerous times. The Magazine Cover is made up of acid-free polypropylene, which eliminates the risk of photocopy transfer.

The heavyweight cover fits standard magazine covers. To insert the catalog, simply open the holder and lay flat. Slide the front and back cover into the openings located on the sides of the holder.  Once secure, close the catalog and it is ready for use.

C-Line Products Magazine Cover, Antimicrobial Protected

Protect the exterior of magazines and catalogs by using C-Line’s Antimicrobial Protected Magazine Cover.

Save Space by Storing Documents Vertically

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Storing documents vertically can instantly save on space, while also helping to make files easier to identify then when they are stacked on top of each other. Eliminate you desktop from piling up with paper and store documents in this essential Buddy Products item.

The 6 Pocket Slant File is a black, freestanding unit that can store letter-size documents, files and folders. Each pocket has a depth of 15/16” to allow for larger items like binders to even be stored in the pockets.

Place the unit on a desk or tabletop to ensure the files are visible without taking up too much space overall. The unit has a gradual incline to make sure stack the files so the labels remain visible even when all six pockets are being utilized.

Buddy Products 6 Pocket Slant File

Black filing unit helps to stand files upright and save desktop space.

Instantly Create Note Taking Space Inside Course Binder

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

If you choose to use a three-ring binder to store course information such as worksheets, assignments and study guides, then why not also use it as a place to store notes. Storing note paper inside the binder makes it easy to record what is heard in class, while also keeping the information together with other course documents.

Kleer-fax Tare-Shield Reinforced Paper is ideal for this type of storage inside a binder because it has a reinforced binder edge that makes it ten times stronger than other note pages. Paper comes in packs of 100 and are already hole punched, allowing them to fit directly into three-hole punched binders.

Choose between three different styles of the lined paper available from Kleer-fax. There is an 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 and 8-1/2 x 11 size options. Additionally, there are two different types of line formats available; one being more narrow then the other.

Within seconds, transform your course binder into more than a homework storage place. Add the ruled pages to include note taking space inside the document holder.

Kleer-fax Tare-Shield Reinforced Paper, Ruled

Filler paper has Mylar reinforced edges helping to eliminate the risk of tearing while being stored in a three-ring binder.

Freestanding Organizer Unit Keeps Documents in Order

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Spending time organizing information and keeping paperwork in order can help an individual stay focused and be more efficient at their job. One way to sort paperwork is by grouping pages by category or project, while also keeping important, high-use documents on-hand at all times.

Selecting one of Tarifold’s desktop organizers to store the important day-to-day information helps keep these documents separate and makes them more accessible. The Desktop Organizer Starter Set features 10 wire-reinforced, two-sided pockets, making it possible to store and display two letter-size documents per pocket.

The neutral gray design allows it to match with any office décor. If you need more space, simply purchase the extension kit. The organizer is capable of storing up to 20 pockets. The freestanding unit also has small storage compartments on the base. This space is great for storing note pads, pens and even your cell phone.

Tarifold Desktop Organizer Starter Set, TD271

Let important documents stay visible and organized by storing them inside this freestanding, desktop organizer.

Use Dry Erase Sheets to Communicate in the Office

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Communication is important to have among employees at work. Although email is a great way to talk specifics, sometimes other tools can be incorporated to make it easy to leave a message for a co-worker or to alert others that you are busy for the remainder of the day.

The GoWrite! Self-Stick Dry Erase Sheets are a simple item that can be included in just about any office place. Choose between the three sizes available prior to setting up your very own communication board.

To apply the sheet, simply peel off the backing and adhere to a wall or door outside your office space. The sheet can be repositioned if necessary. Use with a low odor dry erase marker or crayon to ensure the ink will erase.

Jot down a note if you stopped by someone’s office and they were not there. Sign their board if it is someone’s birthday or a special occasion. The dry erase sheet is a unique way to encourage employees to communicate in the office.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Sheets

Available in three different sizes, the self-stick sheets will adhere to almost any flat surface.

Create a Custom Photo Album with C-Line Photo Storage Pages

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Avoid your photos collecting dust in an old shoebox or container. Instead, organize photos so that they are protected and can easily be viewed by others.

Creating your own album makes it more personal by providing flexibility in how you choose to organize the images and memories. C-Line has photo storage pages that come pre-punched to allow them to fit directly into three-ring binders.

The 35mm Ring Binder Photo Storage Pages have the ability to store up to 8 – 3-1/2 x 5 photos at one time, on one page. There is a space available through the center of the page for inserts that can help add a caption to your favorite photos.

Use this style of holder and combine with some of C-Line’s other photo storage options to create a truly unique photo album.

C-Line Products 35mm Ring Binder Photo Storage Pages

Store up to eight, 3-1/2″ x 5″ photos in a single Ring Binder Photo Page.