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Vinyl Project Folders Help Protect Documents in Rough Environments

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Although paperwork is necessary to have in industrial settings, it can be very difficult to keep documents damage-free due to the surrounding environment. When staff is handling equipment or doing repair jobs, for example, it is easy to get pages dirty or rip them if they are not protected.

When it comes to file storage for industrial workplaces, C-Line has a vinyl document holder that can withstand rough conditions. The Deluxe Vinyl Project Folders with Colored Backs┬ácome in 8-1/2″ x 11″ and provide maximum protection of the documents stored inside.

Available with clear front cover and colored backing, the folder allows the first page to be viewed without having to be removed from the project folder. Backing comes in Black, Red, Green, Blue and Clear. Use color to help organize documents. For example, use the Red folder to indicate a work order is complete and a Green folder to show current work requests.

C-Line Products Deluxe Vinyl Project Folders With Colored Backs

Using the colored backing on the project folders to organize work orders and other documents by color.