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Protect Loosely Stored Documents with the No-Hole Sheet Protector

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Traditionally, sheet protectors are used to protect documents while they are being stored in ring binders. However, important pages that are not stored in binders still need to be preserved.

C-Line has a No-Hole Sheet Protector, which provides the same heavyweight protection without the three-hole punched binding strip. The letter-size holder is ideal to use when posting signs or subdividing folders.

Clear on both sides, users can store and keep visible up to two documents at a time.  The sheet protector is made out of acid-free, archival quality poly material, ensuring the photocopy will not transfer.

A popular way to use this holder is for storing recipes. The poly material protects the page from splashes or food stains, which can occur while cooking. Once finished, simply wipe the holder clean and slip the sheet back into the drawer to use at a later time.

C-Line Products No-Hole Sheet Protector

Take a look at how professional this recipe looks while being stored in the clear, heavyweight No-Hole Sheet Protector.

Bamboo Coat Rack is Modern Storage Space for Winter Gear

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

As the weather begins to cool down in many parts of the country, people everywhere are starting to take out there heavy winter attire. Hats, gloves, coats and scarves are among the necessary equipment to stay warm. When people layer up, the challenge is in finding space to store all the extra clothing.

Closets work well, but if you are in need of additional space to store guest coats or are limited in closet space, Buddy has a great storage solution. The Bamboo Coat Rack is a freestanding unit with a modern design. The bamboo material is lightweight and durable.

In total, there are six hooks on the top of the rack and three hooks in the middle. The number of places to hang makes it possible to store coats and other cold weather gear. For those in warmer environments, the rack could be used to store rain jackets and umbrellas.


Buddy Products Bamboo Coat Rack

The Bamboo Coat Rack has a neutral finish, making it coordinate with a wide variety of decors.

Unruled Pages Great for Note Taking in Class

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Customizing your own binder makes it possible to organize your documents however you want to. Many students will create a binder that has the ability to store notes for a variety of subjects in school.

Ruled paper works well for classes like English or History, but when it comes to Math or Science, the lined paper may become a distraction. Having a blank sheet of paper will allow more freedom to draw graphs, shapes and formulas. Using Kleer-fax Tare-Shield Unruled Reinforced Paper can a valuable tool when taking notes in these types of classes.

Mylar reinforced Tare-Shield binding edge makes it difficult for the pages to tear out of the binder and also increases the lifespan of the page up to ten-times longer than non-reinforced sheets of paper. Additionally, the blank pages come three-hole punched so they are ready to be placed directly inside the binder.

The unruled page is great for younger students to draw on, while also being beneficial for older students to have more flexibility on how they want to take notes and organize the page.

Kleer-fax Tare-Shield Reinforced Paper, Unruled

Blank pages will allow more flexibility when students take notes in class.

Save Desktop Space with the Wall Bracket Starter Set

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

The best way to keep information at your fingertips is to utilize one of Tarifold’s Paperwork Organizer. Depending on the situation, Tarifold has many organizers, such as their desktop units, that will help to preserve and organize information.

If space is an issue on your desktop, select the Partition Wall Bracket Starter Set to make documents accessible without taking up room on your desk space. The starter set comes with a cubicle mounting bracket, color-coded wire reinforced display pockets and additional hardware.

This unit comes with 10 pockets, which can display up to two letter-size documents. The snap-on tabs included allow for document to be found quickly, eliminating the need to search through files. If more storage space is needed, simply purchase the expansion pack to add 10 more pockets to the unit.

Once the pockets are secured to the bracket, the user can pivot the pockets up to 120 degrees horizontally and angle them up to 10 degrees vertically. This make it much easier to adjust the pockets so they are visible to whoever is sitting at the desk for a given time.

Tarifold Partition Wall Bracket Starter Set

Starter set comes with 10 pockets, but more can be purchased to expand the unit’s storage capabilities.

SuperSize Bands Helpful When Packing Up 2014 Files

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

As the year comes to an end, it is time to pack up files from 2014 that will need to be stored for reference in the future. Loading paperwork into boxes that will eventually be piled onto shelves is the most common way to store files over time. Alliance has an item that can be valuable as you pack up the documents.

The SuperSize Bands are rubber bands that are made to help during big jobs. Use the bands to hold down the flaps on boxes while loading the files into the box. This is beneficial when files are large in size and can be heavy to lift.

Available in three different sizes, the bands are made of durable rubber, allowing them to stretch with ease. The 12 x 1/4 and the 14 x 1/4 can accommodate different box sizes. Use the 17 x 1/4 size band to hold a 55 gallon garbage liner in place, which can be valuable if you plan to dispose of unnecessary paperwork.

The SuperSize Bands are a packing solution that makes it possible to box up files with ease.

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands

Each color represents one of the three sizes the rubber bands are available in.