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Dry Erase Pocket Kit Offers New Study Tool to Students

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

When trying to motivate students to study for school, it is important to make it both an enjoyable and educational experience for children. Although practicing math problems or handwriting skills may not sound exciting, C-Line’s Reusable Dry Erase Pockets have provided students with a new study tool to use.

The dry erase pockets allow children to insert a worksheet and practice their skills directly on the pocket. Once complete, they simply erase the dry erase crayon or marker ink and start over. Being able to reuse worksheets will also help to eliminate paper waste.

The Reusable Dry Erase Pockets have become so popular that C-Line has created a Study Aid Kit complete with crayons and educational templates. Students can practice their drawing or time-telling skills by reusing the same worksheets inside the dry erase pockets.

This will be a great addition to any home or classroom.

C-Line Products Dry Erase Pocket Study Aid Kit

Kit includes two 9 x 12 dry erase pockets, set of four dry erase crayons and 10 pre-printed education templates

6 Wheel Utility Cart Great for Moving Books and Supplies in School or Office

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Buddy Products has several stands and carts that make it possible to transport files and equipment with ease from one place to another.

The 6 Wheel Flat/Sloped Shelf Cart can be particularly beneficial in a school or office setting because it can store up to 75 pounds on the top and middle shelf, while the bottom shelf can hold up to 150 pounds. The six wheels located on the unit allow the cart to turn at a tighter radius than others, making it easier to maneuver in small hallways and other places.

This transportable shelving unit is available with two different shelf styles. Use the flat shelf unit to store files and paperwork to ensure that documents will not be lost during transport. The sloped shelves have a slanted divider in the middle of the shelf, allowing the books or documents to be stored upright. This type of unit is particularly valuable for a librarian since they can easily see what is stored on the cart.

Since the gray carts are shipped assembled, there is nothing to do once it arrives but put it to use.

Buddy Products 6 Wheel, Flat/Sloped Shelf Cart

Depending on what your plan to transport, choose between the flat and sloped shelf style.

Kleer-fax Index Dividers are Must-Have Supply Room Item

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Keeping the office supply closet stocked up on commonly used products is vital. There are many occasions when employees will be forced to assemble customer presentations or meeting binders last minute, and having the right supplies on hand will make this process easier.

An important item to always have available in a supply room is index dividers. Not only are they a great solution to organizing a binder, but it makes it easier for others to locate specific information. Kleer-fax has a variety of dividers to choose from. The pre-printed Exhibit Style dividers can be very beneficial when assembling a presentation.

The Avery Style Exhibit Numbers Collated Sets are available with labels “Exhibit 1” to “Exhibit 100”. Each tab is laminated to ensure it can withstand heavy-use. The letter-size dividers come unpunched, so they can be utilized in a variety of binding systems.

Using these dividers will help identify how the documents are being stored inside the binder.

Kleer-fax 80000 Series Avery Style Exhibit Numbers Collated Sets Side Tabs

Side tabs dividers are available with tabs labeled from “Exhibit 1” to “Exhibit 100”.

Transport Documents with Ease By Using Tarifold’s Briefcase

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Relocating paperwork can be challenging when trying to eliminate any type of damage from occurring to the pages. Teachers have a job that often requires them to transport paperwork from home to the classroom and vice versa. Using one of Tarifold’s organizers will make it easy for teachers to grade homework or tests at home without damaging or losing pages.

The Opaque Briefcase is a unique item that is suitable for individuals who would have to transport letter-size documents outside of the office or classroom. This unit is constructed of high quality polypropylene, creating a durable storage space. The opaque finish ensures that documents stored inside will not be visible from outside the briefcase.

The snap clip closure will help to keep the case sealed during the commute. Additionally, the retractable handle makes it easy to carry documents from one place to another. Inside the briefcase, there are two slots available to store writing instruments, if needed. Overall, this lightweight briefcase creates a document storage place that can easily be relocated.

Tarifold Opaque Briefcase

The Briefcases are available in three different colors, but all have the same opaque finish to offer privacy.

Create an Economical Learning Tool with GoWrite

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Tired of your child using the wall for coloring practice? GoWrite has an economical solution that allows children to be creative without damaging wall space.

Use the Self-Adhesive Dry Erase Sheets to create a canvas that encourages kids to color, practice school skills and more. The sheets are available in three different sizes. Use the 11 x 8-1/2 or 11 x 17 inch sheets with a laser printer to help customize the white page. The larger size, 17 x 24, provides a large surface area to practice techniques on.

The self-stick adhesive backing makes it possible to utilize these sheets on almost any flat surface. The sheets can be repositioned, if necessary, to allow them to be reused. Instantly create a dry erase surface on table tops, walls, lockers and more with GoWrite.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Sheets

The Self-Adhesive Dry Erase Sheets adhere to flat surfaces and be re-positioned or removed if necessary.

Post and Preserve Documents with the Cubicle Keepers

Monday, October 13th, 2014

The benefit of working in a cubicle is that there is a lot of space available to post information and keep documents visible. Using push pins to attach pages to the fabric material of the cubicle walls can sometimes end up damaging the documents.

To preserve documents but still make the information visible inside the cube, try using C-Line’s Cubicle Keepers. The durable holders are made from clear polypropylene, which helps to protect the documents stored inside. The pockets are available in letter-size and can be used to display pages vertically or horizontally.

The Velcro® backing is what allows the poly holders to attach to the cube’s fabric walls. Located on the four corners of the pocket, the Velcro® material helps to grip the office panel walls. Place phone lists, certificates, to-do lists and more inside the holder, then simply attach to the wall.

C-Line Products Cubicle Keepers

Letter-size poly holders have Velcro® on the back, making it possible to attach to the fabric walls of office cubicles.