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Security Important When Accepting Payments In-Person

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Although many people choose to pay their bills electronically, there are still offices that are required to accept payments and handle money in person. Rental offices, for example, will accept rent checks on a monthly basis. When it comes to managing money within the office, it is important to keep security in mind.

Buddy Products has many type of cashier boxes available to choose from. The Cashier’s Check Stub File is ideal in a rental office setting, since they handle mostly checks. The box has a built-in lock, making sure the checks are secure while they are stored in this unit.

Storing the cashier box in a standard size desk drawer will help keep the file out of plain view. There is a convenient 4 x 3/16 inch slot located on the top of the file. The slot makes it possible to insert checks without having to unlock the box every time.

This compact cashier box provides a simply solution to creating a secure system that allows offices to collect checks.

Buddy Products Cashier’s Check Stub File

The small slot on the top of the box makes it possible to insert checks without having to unlock and open the unit.

Create a Customized Filing System with Kleer-fax

Monday, September 15th, 2014

In order to properly store documents and files, it is important to create an organizational system that will make it easy to reference information in the future. Creating labels for files is a great tool that can be used to identify what type of information is being stored within the file.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands allow users to create an economical filing system that they are able to customize and tailor to their individual needs. The labels, which are available in five different colors, come two per sheet and can be used with a laser or inkjet computer.

Not only will the label help identify the contents of the file, but it also serves as a handle. This feature will help to extend the life of the file by eliminating the risk of stretching and tearing from occurring to the gusset.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands

The Jazz Bands are available in five different colors, making it possible to organize by color coding.

Desktop Unit Keeps Information Readily Available

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

When employees have to deal one-on-one with customers, it is important for them to be knowledgeable so that they relay the most accurate information. Documents detailing policies, pricing and other information are valuable to have on-hand when talking to clients.

Instead of piling these documents in a stack on your desk, Tarifold has a great desktop unit that helps to organize paperwork, while still keeping the information accessible. The Crystal Desk Unit comes with ten or twenty pockets, which can store up to two letter-size pages per pocket.

The freestanding unit is multi-directional, allowing users to store documents in portrait and landscape orientation. The clear Lucite base and top makes the professional organizer a great accessory to any office setting.

Storing important documents in this file ensures that information is readily available when employees are interacting with customers.

Tarifold Crystal Desk Unit Organizer Starter Set

This clear document holder can be used to display documents in portrait or landscape orientations.