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Self-Adhesive Binder Labels Help Identify Contents of Binders

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Creating a storage system for information is important to keep documents in order and accessible. Many professionals will look at archiving information by storing items in binders to keep files and documents organized.

While it is important to organize binders, it is also essential to be able to identify what information is stored in each binder without having to flip through each one. Using C-Line’s Self Adhesive Binder Labels help people identify what is being stored inside the binder.

The binder labels, which are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different binder widths, can be affixed to the spine of the binder. This will make it possible to identify the binder while it is being stored upright on a shelf.

Each pack of binder labels comes with perforated cardstock that fit inside the self-adhesive holder. Use the templates available on C-Line’s website to print out your own labels instead. Either method will be a beneficial and custom way to label binders.

C-Line Products Self-Adhesive Binder Labels

Label holders are available in various sizes to fit binders 1/2 inch wide up to 5 inches.

Kleer-Fax Dividers with Bottom Tab Work Great in Any Binder Style

Monday, July 28th, 2014

In the workplace, spreadsheets are a popular way to combine a lot of information into a more condensed format. Ideal for customer presentations, tables can help display sales numbers, company growth, etc.

Some spreadsheets can have so many columns that it makes it difficult to keep on one page, making it necessary to print in landscape orientation to make all the fields visible. When the information is stored in a binder to present to a customer, it is important to identify the information and keep it organized. Typically, index dividers are the ideal way to go.

Traditional dividers will have a tab on the right side, but Kleer-fax has a unique option that works especially well with landscape orientated documents. The Kleer-fax 90000 Series All-State Style Blank Bottom Tabs enable the user to see how the binder is organized without having to look at it vertically to read the tabs and then horizontally to view the document.

Each tab is laminated to provide extra protection. Write on the tab and erase if necessary or use the white labels for a more permanent option. The dividers come unpunched making it possible for them to fit in a variety of binding systems. The letter size index dividers make it easy to locate information throughout the binder.

Kleer-fax 90000 Series All-State Style Blank Tabs Writeable/Eraseable Collated Sets Bottom Tabs, Letter Size

Tabs are blank and come with white labels to help customize your binder.

ID Cards Work Will Being Stored in Proximity Badge

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Many companies require their employees to utilize ID cards when they are in the office building. Cards not only help to identify individuals, but it can provide access to various places throughout the building. Keeping the ID protected is important to ensure it works correctly.

Using C-Line’s Proximity ID Badge Holder will help to prevent the card from becoming damaged. The PVC-free poly holders are available in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The die-cut hole makes it possible to utilize a lanyard or card reel to keep the holder attached to you.

The design makes it possible to swipe the ID over the access sensor without having to remove it. Additionally, the proximity holder is a tight fit around the ID in order to prevent it from slipping out when you work around the office.

Using this durable holder will make it easy to keep your ID badge accessible while at the office.

C-Line Products Proximity ID Badge Holders

The holders are available in horizontal and vertical orientation to accommodate your ID style.

Use the Safety Hanging Pocket to Protect and Display Permits, Contracts

Monday, July 14th, 2014

In construction and industrial work environments, companies are often required to display information, such as work permits, safety procedures and contracts.  Displaying these documents may not be difficult, but keeping the pages intact can sometimes be a challenge.

Since these types of workplaces are often rougher in nature, businesses had to find a way to protect these important documents. Tarifold has a pocket that can protect the pages, while keeping them visible. The Safety Hanging Pocket has the ability to store letter size documents, protecting it for being damaged.

The pocket has a tamper-resistant holographic seal to help secure the documents in place. If the pocket is opened, the holographic seal will destroy itself, indicating that the pocket has been disrupted. Although this unit cannot be reused, it ensures that important documents are preserved for the duration of the project.

Tarifold Safety Hanging Pocket

The clear pocket has a holographic seal that is destroyed if the sealed is tampered with.

Calendar and Journal Planner Makes for Useful Day-to-Day Organizational Tool

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

It is never too late in the year to become more organized in how you plan and manage information. Calendars are one of the most traditional ways to record upcoming events. Documenting a schedule in this way helps to ensure that appointments are not forgotten about.

Whether it is used for work or to manage personal schedules, the House of Doolittle Monthly Planner/ Journal can help to organize this information. Available in a 7 x 10 inch size, this 12-month calendar provides room for detail when recording event specifics. The planner is wire bound with a black, suede like cover giving the calendar an overall professional look.

There are 100, ruled journal pages located after the calendar pages. Having these blank pages makes it possible to take notes in meetings, write down to-do lists and even track projects completed throughout the month.

The combined journal and planner feature makes this calendar even more useful then standard planners.

House of Doolittle Monthly Planner/Journal

The neutral colored calendar has two page spread for each month in addition to journal space.

Create File Storage for Small Home Offices

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Sometimes it is hard to find office furniture that is suitable for a home environment. Filing cabinets and desks can sometimes take up more space that what is needed in a small home office setting. Buddy Products has a great product that is not only compact in size, but also provides the same secure type of storage found at the office.

The steel Hanging File unit has a sturdy handle that makes it easy to move files around. The built-in side rails store the hanging files, helping to keep them upright and in place. To provide additional security, there is a wafer tumbler lock, which comes with two keys.

This unit is 10 x 10.875 x 13.75, allowing it to provide decent amount of storage and protection for any small home office. Files will now be protected and important documents can be organized in one dedicated space without taking up much space with over-sized filing cabinets.

Buddy Products Hanging File without Folders

Black steel case has side rails so that hanging files remain upright and in place.