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Expanding Envelopes Great for Storing Student Hand-Outs

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

In the classroom, Fridays are often the day when students receive all the paperwork back from the entire week. Their quizzes are graded and homework pages are returned with teacher’s comments. Additionally, many teachers like to pass out hand-outs for what’s to come in the next week, so parents and students are aware.

All of this paperwork can become somewhat cumbersome for students to organize. Utilizing a Kleer-fax Expanding Envelope would not only allow kids to keep the pages together, but it also provides protection from the rough environment of a child’s backpack.

Hand-outs can be secured in the envelopes with the cloth tie, which helps eliminate any document loss. The one-piece construction envelopes are comprised of recycled stock, which is 10% post-consumer waste.

The envelopes, available from letter size to 26 x 20, can expand to 1 or 2 inches wide, depending on the size that is selected. The variety of sizes available will help to accommodate what type of information the envelopes will be storing.

Kleer-fax Expanding Envelopes - Cloth Ties

Use the cloth tie to secure the documents in the expanding envelope.

Store Software Instructions in Tarifold’s Desktop Organizers

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Keeping track of log in information and instructions on how to utilize various online systems can be difficult. Many jobs require individuals to be fluent in operating different types of software and, in order to accomplish that, they must remember how each one works.

Keeping notes on the systems that are used can help jog the memory when trying to access the software, especially if it has been some time. Using a Tarifold Desktop Organizer would be the perfect place to store this valuable information.

The software and online site instructions can be printed on letter size paper to ensure that they will fit into the wire-reinforced pockets. Each pocket is clear on both sides so it can display two documents per pocket. This particular organizer has a unique black and green color scheme that makes it easy to identify where pages are stored.

Easy to assemble, this Tarifold organizer has the ability to be stored directly on your desktop, ensuring that the instructions and other information are accessible. If more pages need to be stored, simply purchase more pockets in order to increase the capacity of the organizer.

Tarifold Desktop Organizer, Black/Green Pockets

The multi-colored unit is stored directly on your desktop to make information more readily available.

SuperSize Bands Ideal for Large Projects

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Typically when people think of rubber bands, they picture bands used to group together smaller items like pens, markers and index cards. Although this is the traditional use of rubber bands, Alliance has larger versions, which can be valuable in almost any big job.

The SuperSize Bands have the ability to expand to add support during large projects. For instance, use these specialty bands to hold carton flaps down for loading or to secure garbage bags in place. Available in three different sizes, these bands are an essential household item to have.

All sizes are sold separately, in addition to an assorted pack. Each size is assigned a different color to help identify how large the band is.

These unique, SuperSize Bands can be helpful in the factory, work office and almost any other setting.

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands

The color of the rubber bands is used to identify how large the band is.

C-Line Combines Extension Cord and Cover into One Useful Product

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

In factories and other industrial settings, there are large machines being used that need to be strategically placed by electric outlets to ensure that there is a power source nearby. Although this is an ideal situation, it is not realistic to have all equipment close to outlets.

Instead, companies must use extension cords to help expand the reach of the outlet. C-Line has a product that combines a cord cover with a lengthy extension cord.  The Lay-Flat Power Extension and Cord Cover is made from a flexible PVC, moisture resistant material, so it can withstand heavy foot traffic.

The 16 gauge cord is available in 5 or 10 foot lengths and it is ready to use with grounded AC duplex receptacles. The cover goes right over the cord to help hide them as they run across the floor. The cover also provides a smooth surface for employees to step over instead of trying to avoid the round cord.

This extension cord and cover is available in black, making it looking professional, while also being suitable for the industrial environment.

C-Line Products Lay-Flat Power Extension and Cord Cover

A 2 foot lead cord is located on the Lay-Flat Power Extension and Cord Cover, connecting the outlet’s power to the extension cord.

4-Tier Letter Tray Ideal for Storing and Organizing Classroom Paperwork

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Similar to corporate office staff, teachers have their own unique way that they set-up and organize their classroom. Many will use traditional office products, while others develop their own organization system to handle the flow of paperwork between the students, parents and teachers.

Buddy Products added a new line of black mesh office products that would work great in a classroom setting. The 4-Tier Letter Tray, in particular, would be a great help to aid teachers in organizing graded papers, completed homework and parent notes.

The freestanding unit is a horizontal, mesh desktop organizer that helps to store letter-size documents. Available with 4-tiers, each tray has the ability to slide back and forth, making it easier to access the documents and see what is being stored on each tier. There is 2 inches in between each tray, creating ample storage space.

This is the perfect desktop accessory that every teacher needs in order to help organize paperwork, while still keeping it close.

Mesh 4-Tier Letter Tray, Black, 1/EA

This sleek, black unit has four-trays, making it a great storage space for numerous letter-size files.

Keep Desktop Clear of Clutter with the Orbital Reference Display

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Running out of storage space on your desk for frequently used documents? Bulletin boards can be helpful to de-clutter, but sometimes it is not enough space. Tarifold has many valuable desktop organizers that help to keep your documents neat and tidy.

The organizer units all have their unique qualities, but the Orbital Reference Display is ideal for someone who tends to be more active when working at their desk space. This unit has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, which makes it possible to view the information from almost any angle.

The gray display has the ability to match almost any office décor since it has a neutral design. The desktop unit comes with 10 wire-reinforced poly display pockets. Store up to two important letter-size documents in each pocket since it is made of clear poly material on both sides.

Keep frequently used material accessible and protect important documents, while creating your own storage system all with this Tarifold desktop unit.

Tarifold t-office Orbital Reference Display

The unique feature of this desktop organizer is that it can rotate a total of 360 degrees to keep documents visible at almost any angle.

Large Dry Erase Sheets Used to Communicate with Employees

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

When there are a large number of employees within a company, sometimes it can be difficult to keep everyone involved and up to speed on how business is doing. Many companies utilize newsletters to keep their staff in the loop, but this can often become time consuming.

GoWrite’s Dry Erase Sheets provide an interesting approach to communicating with employees.

Available in a large, 17 x 24 size, the dry erase sheet can be used to write down current goals of the company or major accomplishments that have been reached. By using a dry erase marker, the content written on the board can easily be updated or erased entirely.

The self-adhesive backing of the sheet allows it to be placed on almost any flat surface. Attach the sheet to a wall in the lunch room or a door in the break room. The main goal is to choose a location that is public so all of the employees will have an opportunity to see the dry erase sheet at some point throughout their work day.

Using the GoWrite sheets to write and publicize things like employee accomplishments and company news makes it a great tool to utilize in the office.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Sheets

Dry Erase Sheets are ultra repositionable so they can be moved if needed.