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Photo Mounting Sheets Make Albums More Creative

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Photo albums are still the best way to organize unforgettable memories. Creating scrapbooks is a creative route to take, but it can be time consuming. For those looking for an easier approach that is still different than traditional albums, C-Line’s Redi-Mount Sheets are a great option to use.

The 11 x 9 photo sheets allow you to store photos ranging in sizes up to 8 x 10. The entire sheet has a self-adhesive quality in addition to a protective see-through plastic cover that goes over the page. Each page is three-hole punched, allowing it to be stored in any standard 3-ring binder.

Since the whole page can essentially be used to store photos, it provides more flexibility on the layout of the page. Sizes and image orientation can be mixed up to provide more creative control on how the entire album will look.

C-Line Products Redi-Mount Photo Mounting Sheets

Redi-Mount Photo Pages make it possible to store different size photos on the same self-adhesive page.

Create Vertical Storage Space with the Metal Space Saver

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Sometimes when you run out of room it is necessary to reevaluate how you are storing things. Disposing of excess files and supplies or developing a new organizing system can sometimes help, especially when it comes to office reorganization. Buddy has a product that instantly creates vertical storage space.

The 58 inch Metal Space Saver is a solid steel structure that instantly adds more storage space onto your desktop. This unit provides adjustable shelf space, in addition to separate compartments for CDs, writing supplies and binder storage. Assembly is required but the hardware is included to help set-up this shelving unit.

Available in black and graphite, this unit has the ability to match any type of office décor. Also, end panels can pop out in order to be covered in fabric to help it blend in with the existing design of your office space.

Buddy Products 58in. Metal Space Saver

The unit has adjustable shelves so it can accommodate the different sizes of items being stored here.

Heavy Duty File has Flap to Help Secure Documents

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Transporting files can be a difficult process, especially if they are not properly stored to begin with. Organizing paperwork in a way that allows them to be transported and protected is essential when deciding how to store files. Kleer-fax has a portfolio that creates a document storage unit without the need of a filing cabinet.

The Vertical Expanding File with Flap is made from heavy Kraft stock containing 10% post-consumer waste. The front and back panels are super heavy to provide additional protection, along with the extra-long front flap that secures the documents in place. The full height gussets are reinforced with Mylar® to give the file more durability.

The file is available in various sizes with different preprinted label options. Tabs are labeled A-Z, January – December and 1 – 31, depending on the style you choose. This makes it possible to have the same looking storage unit, but customize the type of filing systems that it can accommodate.

The heavy duty material makes this multi-pocket file perfect for transporting documents to various meetings both in and outside the office.

Kleer-fax Vertical Files Paper with Flap

Paper files are available in 12, 21 and 31-pocket design to store a variety of filing systems.

Hanging Wallet Folder Keeps Employee Documents Accessible

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Allowing people to have access to corporate documents can be done in many different ways. Some companies may choose to store them electronically. For employees that may not have computer access, managers must have a way to provide them with vacation request forms or insurance information.

Tarifold has a product that will make documents readily available to staff members. The Hanging Wallet Folders store letter-size documents horizontally in a unit that has the ability to be mounted to the wall.

On one side of the pocket, there are metal rings that are used to hang the folder to the wall. Once the rings are secure, the front side of the folder will expand outwards, providing space for employee forms and other documents.

Hanging the folders up outside of a manager’s office would allow employees to access these important documents at any time.

Tarifold Hanging Wallet Folder

The front cover expands outward to increase the storage space of the Hanging Wallet Folder.

Poly Envelope Durable Choice for Interoffice Mail

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Although email seems to be the chosen method of communication among coworkers, there are times that interoffice mail is still utilized. Whether people have contracts to initial or proposals to sign, the practice of passing documents to numerous people within a company still exists today.

Instead of using less durable, paper envelopes for the purpose of interoffice mail, C-Line has a legal size poly file that can last longer. The Reusable Poly Envelope with String Closure can safely store important documents up to 8-1/2 x 14 in size.

The file, which is available in a smoke color, has a 1 inch gusset that allows it to expand to fit larger files. All documents are secured with the envelopes string closure. The durable polypropylene has a acid-free, archival quality, ensuring that photocopy transfer does not occur.

Not only will these legal size envelopes protect your documents, but they are able to withstand heavy use as the file gets passed between coworkers.

Reusable Poly Envelope with String Closure, Legal

The string closure secures legal size documents in the poly envelope.

Wall Safe Provides Discrete, Secure Storage

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Keeping things protected while they are being stored is important. Some items even require additional security in order to make sure that access is limited to them. Often companies will utilize safes or other secure storage options in order to control who can see the contents.

Safes are available in different sizes and shapes, but Buddy has a unique product that also allows for additional concealment. The Wall Safe provides the same level of protection as other units, but this can one be hidden better.

The dead bolt combination is recessed, allowing the safe to be mounted flush to the wall. Hang a picture over the safe in order to hide it from sight. This element adds an additional level of security to the Wall Safe.

The unit, which has 500 inches of cubic storage space, is designed to store compact objects, such as money or jewelry. Built with a double reinforced heavy gauge, steel door, the safe has the ability to protect all of the items stored within it.

The Wall Safe can be a beneficial feature to have at work and also be a great way to secure valuables at home.

Buddy Products Wall Safe

The secure wall safe is great for storing smaller sized valuables.

Use Bundle Bands to Better Organize Your Records Room

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Maintaining and managing a record system is very important to most businesses because it ensures that there is documentation of client history, previous financial information, contracts and other documents. Keeping records organized is critical to make referencing information in the future easy.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands are an essential item for any company attempting to maintain records. Sometimes files can too large to be contained to just one file folder. If there are numerous folders that are related to one project or customer, then it is important to store them together.

The Bundle Bands have the ability to group together numerous files in an effort to avoid losing information or documents. The bands are available in 8, 9, 10 and 11 inch lengths so they can accommodate relatively large files. Additionally, the bundle bands are color coded to help differentiate the sizes.

Add this Kleer-fax item to your record system to help prevent the loss of documents and control numerous stacks of paperwork.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands

The Bundle Bands are available in four different colors, which also represent different sizes.

Swing Arm Keeps Important Documents Visible

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Keeping information at your fingertips not only saves time, but it eliminates the frustration of searching through numerous files and paperwork before locating specific information. Tarifold has many desktop units that help to store high-use documents. The Swing Arm, however, is one of the most unique items.

With its ability to clamp to the edge of your work surface, the Swing Arm automatically helps to save space on your desktop.  The pivoting arm can be adjusted, making sure that the documents can be angled to ensure visibility while you are at your desk.

The Swing Arm is available by itself or you can purchase the starter set, which comes with 10 or 20 reinforced display pockets. Since each pocket can hold up to two letter-size documents, you have the ability to fit a lot of information into this convenient storage unit.

Tarifold Swing Arm

The Swing Arm is adjustable and can hold up to 20 wire-reinforced display pockets.

Rubber Bands Prove to be Strong and Economical

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Being organized and keeping your work space in order does not have to be an expensive investment. Sometimes going back to the basics can help you stay on budget without disrupting how you store things in your office. Alliance has created a line of rubber bands to help you stay organized without spending a fortune.

The Eco Rubber Bands are designed to have the strong qualities of Alliance’s other rubber bands, while still being economical. These quality bands are available in two different colors, crepe and blue. The rubber material creates a heavier type of band with a firm stretch.

Available in over ten different sizes, these rubber bands have the ability to make your office, at home or at work, more manageable to keep organized. Use the bands to group together loose items such as pens or markers. Larger rubber bands could be helpful for wrapping together business cards, company catalogs or your monthly set of bills.

Use these durable rubber bands to help keep you organized on a budget!

Alliance Rubber Eco Rubber Bands

These Eco Rubbers Bands are available in multiple sizes, but all come packed in a poly bag.