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Wall Planner Great New Addition to Office Space

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Spring cleaning time is here! Although your focus might be on getting your house in order, do not forget to pay attention to your office space at work. Getting rid of clutter and reorganizing is a great way to revitalize your work space for the remainder of the year.

When changing up the office, take a look at how things are organized in order to determine if there is a better approach. Using a different style calendar is one simple change that might make it easier to track appointments without using desk space. Taking a look at the wall planners that House of Doolittle has might be an easy fix that has large benefits.

The ExpressTrack Laminated Yearly Wall Planner, which is 24 x 37 in size, will not only add some color to the otherwise neutral office walls, but it will also keep the annual schedule in a visible place. The two-side calendar has the ability to be displayed vertically or horizontally

The write-on/wipe-off feature makes it possible to update the calendar without having to mess anything up. If appointments or events get rescheduled, simply take a clean, damp cloth and wipe away the water soluble marker ink. The hangers are included with the calendar, making the set-up easy.

Using the House of Doolittle’s wall planner is just one step in creating a new and improved work space.

House of Doolittle ExpressTrack Laminated Yearly Wall Planner

This teal, laminated wall planner can be used horizontally or vertically depending on your wall space.

Multifunction File Great for Storing Household Bills and Paperwork

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

At the office, there is usually plenty of space to store project files and other paperwork. Companies will require employees to store hard copies of important documents. At home, however, there is more freedom to decide how you want to organize your bills, house receipts and other items.

Some people may have the luxury of maintaining a home office, which provides plenty of file storage space. For those who have limited space or simply refuse to take up room with paperwork, this C-Line file is just what you need.

The Multifunction Expanding File organizes files in a variety of ways. First, there is a 13-pocket expanding file for letter-size document storage. The other file, located in the front of the file, also has 13 pockets created for check size items. Each section can be identified by the insertable tabs that are included.

In between the two expanding files, there is an accessory storage area. Use this section for pens, markers and even blank note paper, so that necessary supplies are always on-hand. The contents of the file are secured with the elastic string and button closure.

Since there are numerous compartments in this file, it is possible to store a variety of household documents and keep them organized without dedicating a lot of space to the paperwork.

C-Line Products Multifunction Expanding File

This expanding file has the ability to organize paperwork in one of three different compartments.

Posting Tubs is a Great Option for Temporary File Storage

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Many companies have a fast-paced work environment that leaves little time for organizing files and sorting through documents. For this type of workplace, it is important to have a system in place that eliminates taking extra time to deal with paperwork.

Using the Buddy Products Posting Tub, companies have the ability to set-up a temporary, but organized storage space for documents. For example, those who work in a mechanic shop deal with hundreds of work orders a week. Using this container would allow invoices and work reports to be placed in the appropriate file once completed without taking up much time.

The black tub has handles, which make it easy to transport the container from a desk to the file storage area, if needed. Additionally, the inside of the tub has a corrugated bottom, allowing files to stand upright and avoid slipping down. This container is available in letter and legal size, so it can accommodate the paperwork that is typically used within the workplace.

Buddy Products Posting Tubs

The Posting Tub is a great place for temporary storage because it avoids clutter and keeps paperwork organized.

Indexing System Helps Organize Training Binder

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Training classes often come with take-home documents that are great reference tools. For those who put together these classes, it would be beneficial to have a small, but organized binder put together with all the hand-outs from the class. This would encourage attendees to refer to this material in the future.

When putting together the training binder, it is important to create sections within the information in order to help users refer quickly to specific facts or data. Kleer-fax has customizable index dividers that also come in bulk packs, which is ideal for companies assembling numerous training binders.

The Custom Indexing System Bulk Packs are made of 90 pound recycled white card stock, which makes the dividers durable. The tabs are laminated to prevent them from tearing or being damaged when in-use. Create a professional look by customizing the white labels with a laser or inkjet printer.

Choose between three-hole punched and unpunched dividers, which also are available in different tab configurations. Each style is packaged in sets of 25, allowing the company to always be prepared to create training binders for their course attendees.

Kleer-fax Custom Indexing System Bulk Packs

Customize the white labels by using your laser or inkjet computer.

Store Company Emergency Procedures in Tarifold Wall Unit

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Safety procedures are extremely important to have within the workplace. Since emergency situations are sparse, many employees may not remember the details of the safety plan. It is important to keep documentation of the procedures and make them available so that the entire company can reference the information.

Tarifold can help organize and display this type of information. By using the Wall Mounted Starter Set, the company will be allowed to position the documents in an accessible place so that employees can access the information.

This unit, which comes with mounting hardware, can be attached to the wall in a public location. The starter set comes with 10 wire reinforced, gray pockets that help to keep documents protected. This unit can fit up to 20 letter-size pages since the pockets are clear on both sides.

Storing information like the fire escape plan or severe weather procedure in this Tarifold unit will help to keep all employees prepared for any emergency that might occur. It is possible to add more pockets to the unit by purchasing the add-in kit.

Tarifold Plus Wall Unit Starter Set - Gray

Allow information to be easily found by using the snap-on tabs, which are included in the starter set.

Add a Visual Element to Your Presentations with Transparency Film

Monday, April 7th, 2014

When giving a presentation, whether it is in a professional or classroom setting, it is important to provide the audience with numerous ways to learn the information. Some people like to take notes, while they are listening to a lecture, for example.

Since everyone tends to learn and retain information differently, it is essential to provide a visual of the information to help individuals who need to physically see the facts. Writing on a chalk board can help, but using transparency film allows you, the presenter, to be more prepared and professional.

C-Line’s Ink Jet Transparency Film makes it possible to print graphs, charts and notes directly on the film and project it to the audience. Since the film is letter-size, any standard ink jet printer should be compatible with the paper. To allow for maximum printer ink adhesion, the film is specially coated, making it different than other transparency products.

Use the transparency film as a tool to make your presentations more customizable, while reaching out to a larger audience.

Ink Jet Transparency Film

Set-up your presentations by including some professional visuals with C-Line’s Ink Jet Transparency Film.

Top Shelf Unit Instantly Creates More Desktop Space

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

When it comes to limited desk and storage space, it is important to look at what the best way is to organize your office, especially with regards to paperwork. Documents and large files can often take up quite a lot of space. Being smart about how you sort and store information is important.

For those individuals who like having an “In” and “Out” box, consider a different way to store this information. Instead of taking up space on your desktop, why not store the files directly on your computer monitor?

Buddy Products Top Shelf instantly created a storage space for documents by placing a two-tier shelf on top of your monitor. Storing files in this location will help keep information on-hand, which is very valuable. It will also free up some space on your desk.

This unit comes with two trays, a set of risers and pivot arm. The trays are able to stack by using the risers, while the pivot arm allows for the tray angle to be adjusted based on the user’s vertical size. The shelf display comes in a neutral color tone, making it possible to blend in with any office décor.

Buddy Products Top Shelf

Use the Top Shelf unit to store files that need to be on-hand at all times.