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Exhibit Dividers Help to Organize Your Binding System

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Pre-printed tab dividers make it very easy to identify sections within binders. Many products are available with general tab labels, such as months of the year or numbers, in order to make to applicable to numerous types of binder systems.

Finding dividers that have exhibit letters printed on the tabs is not as common. However, Kleer-fax has letter-size dividers that feature a laminated, pre-printed side tab. The Ruggles Style Exhibit Letter Dividers have a durable 1/10 cut tab that helps to identify information when paperwork is stored inside a binder.

The dividers themselves are sold unpunched so they can be cut to accommodate a variety of binding systems. Each index tab is laminated to provide additional protection. Printed in Helvetica Extended Regular font, the tabs are labeled from Exhibit A to Exhibit Z. Each letter is sold separately in packs of 25.

Kleer-fax Ruggles Style Exhibit Letters Individual Side Tab

The exhibit tabs are laminated to make them more durable and be able to last longer while in-use.

Document Folder Great for Storing Miscellaneous Information

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Staying organized at the office is important because knowing where things are located makes it possible to access information in a timely manner. Many people create a system that is personal to them, which makes it easy to remember how paperwork is sorted.

Although it is easy to categorize and store documents in files, sometimes there are miscellaneous type of notes that may not fit in a particular category. Meeting notes, product updates or log-in instructions are perfect examples of this type of information. It is important to store this information, but it may not have a place within your system.

The Tarifold Document Folder is a perfect location for these notes. Use this folder to store anything from post-its or scratch paper all the way up to 8 ½ x 11 in size. Comprised of poly material, the document holder is lightweight, but still strong and durable.

The translucent outer appearance of the folders makes it possible to see some information inside. Use the small label, located on the top left side of the folder to help identify the contents. Available in a single color (smoke) or assorted packs, you also have the option to use color to help sort your miscellaneous paperwork.

Tarifold Document Folder

Tarifold’s document folders have translucent covers, making it possible to see what is stored inside.

GoWrite Dry Erase Rolls Instantly Creates Visible Writing Space

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Business professionals are frequently tasked to come up with a solution to a problem or brainstorm ideas to improve an aspect of the company. Often in these types of meetings, people will throw out their ideas and eventually one will be decided on.  

To help keep the ideas coming, it is important to make note of all the suggestions people have made, so none are forgotten. If your conference room does not have writing space that is visible to everyone in the room, then GoWrite can solve that problem in seconds.

Use the Self-Stick Dry Erase Rolls to instantly create a dry erase marker board surface. There is adhesive located on one side of the roll, which allows the material to stick to dry, flat surfaces. Once attached to a wall or desk space, it can be repositioned, if necessary.

The rolls are available in four different sizes, ranging from 18 in. x 6 ft. to 24 in. x 20 ft. The adhesive is strong and will hold the sheets in place, but it will remove cleanly from the surface it is attached to.

GoWrite helps to turn your conference room into a brainstorming center by using dry erase technology.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Rolls

The rolls are available in four different sizes to help accommodate the wall or desk space you are trying to cover.

Shop Ticket Holder Have Strap to Keep Information Visible

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Working in a factory or automotive shop, you find that there are not many places to store things safely. Whether you are required to fill-out work orders or need to refer to equipment manuals often, it is important to find a good way to protect documents while they are in industrial settings.

C-Line has a product that not only helps to preserve paperwork, but it also keeps information visible. The Two-Pocket Shop Ticket Holders has a hanging strap that allows the holder to be stored on car mirrors or inventory shelves to keep paperwork available.

The 9 x 12 holder has two individual pockets, which help to keep things organized. Use the large pocket to store work orders, catalogs or machine manuals. The smaller, 9 x 6 pocket is a great place for note paper, pens, car keys and many other things.

Comprised of a super heavyweight vinyl material, these holders have the ability to withstand rough conditions and be able to protect the contents. The black stitched edging helps to make the holder more durable by reinforcing the seams of the product.

C-Line Products Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holder w/ Hanging Strap

Hanging strap allows the job ticket holder to be stored in a variety of locations, keeping the info accessible.

Economy Cart Secures Tablets While They Charge Up

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Technology is continuing to play a larger role in classroom settings than ever before. More schools are incorporating the use of tablets to help students develop their skills and expand their level of knowledge. Getting students comfortable with using these devices is also an important factor.

Many schools have invested in purchasing tablets to have available to students. Storage of these expensive devices is important to ensure that the tablets are properly maintained. Buddy Products has developed a cart that is specifically made for this type of storage need.

The Economy Security Tablet Cart has the ability to store up to 24 tablets in a secure, transportable cart. The top shelf is set with removable dividers, while the bottom tray can be used to store power strips and chargers. Not only can the cart store the tablets, but it also allows for them to charge up. If you don’t want to use it for chargers, the trays can store additional materials.

Not only does the cart create a central location for all tablets to be stored, but it also provides a more secure option for teachers. Once the tablets are placed in the cart, there is a tambour door that slides down and can be locked. This will prevent tampering or potential damage from occurring.

This Economy Tablet Cart is a great option for both schools and businesses to use to help protect these expense electronic devices!

Buddy Products Economy Security Tablet Cart

Economy Security Tablet Cart has wheels to allow the devices to travel to different classrooms, if needed.

Use Kleer-fax Jotta-Call to Take Better Phone Messages

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Although a lot of communication, both business and personal, is done electronically, there are still times when people will pick up the phone to speak directly with the person they are dealing with. If you happen to be taking a phone message for someone, it is important to collect all necessary information.

Kleer-fax has a product that allows users to record pertinent information, while also keeping a record of the message. Everyone from receptionists to nannies will benefit from using the Kleer-fax Jotta-Call the next time they attempt to take a phone message.

Jotta-Call is a telephone message book that is made up of quality NCR paper and durable outer covers. There are four designated areas for recording messages per page. Each memo has a field for contact information, including phone, fax or cell phone number sections, and several blank lines available to write down a detailed message.

A heavyweight, repositionable card is included in the book to prevent damage to the next page. The Prevent Write-Thru card features useful information such as state abbreviations and area codes.

Kleer-fax Jotta-Call

The Jotta-Call creates a carbonless copy of all messages taken, so it can be used as a reference tool also.

Store and Protect Single Pages in Tarifold’s Standard Pocket

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Known for their desktop organizers, Tarifold’s freestanding units have the ability to keep documents visible and protected. Some people may not have enough documents to fill an entire unit, but still want to keep information accessible.

Tarfold’s Easy Standard Pocket has the ability protect a single letter-size document. Teachers who constantly refer to their seating chart or secretaries who reference the company phone list would find this product beneficial.

To use, simply pull off the cover sheet, slide in the page and secure the cover sheet in place. Since there is a top and side opening, it is makes it easy to add and remove pages as necessary.

The pocket’s material protects the document being stored, making it possible to leave it out on your desktop and not get damaged.

Tarifold Easy Standard Pocket

The Easy Standard Pockets feature green reinforced edging to provide additional protection.

Durable, Blue Rubber Bands are Latex-Free

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Having allergies can have a large effect on what type of products you are comfortable using on a regular basis. Being aware of what things to avoid may be more obvious for people with food allergies, but other sensitivities must also be approached with caution.

For those with latex allergies, avoiding specific types of office products is an important thing to consider. Fortunately, Alliance Rubber produces a specialty rubber band that is specifically designed for those who suffer from latex sensitivity.

Made from a latex free formula, the Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands contain no natural rubber proteins, protecting users with latex allergies. The bright cyan blue color makes them easy to identify while they are being stored. The antimicrobial feature helps eliminate growth of fungi, mold and other bacteria that can damage the band.

These specialty bands have a “soft stretch” quality that protects against users developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from the bands. Additionally, the bands are available in four different sizes, so they can accommodate different needs.

Alliance Rubber Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands

The bright blue color helps to identify these specialty latex-free rubber bands from standard ones.

File Jackets Provide More Secure Storage for Mobile Employees

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

For individuals required to travel for work, it is important to bring appropriate documents with you. Sometimes traditional file folders do not provide enough protection of your documents when you are outside of your office. The folders, which are typically open on three sides, can sometimes cause papers to slide out and be damaged.

C-Line has recently developed a unique type of file that provides additional protection for your documents, making them a suitable product for traveling employees. The Write-on Poly File Jackets are sealed on three sides, making them more secure than other filing options. The v-cut front makes it possible to scan through the documents without fully removing them from the file.

The write-on feature of the file jackets allow for easy identification of what information is being stored in the folder. Each file includes a full-length tab and lined front panel, which can be written on with pencil, ball point pen or permanent marker.

The eye-catching colors of the folders make it possible to color coordinate files, if necessary. Overall, these file jackets provide secure storage for letter-size documents, whether you are in the office or on-the-go.

C-Line Products Write-on Poly File Jackets, Assorted

Each assortment comes with five of each color, making it possible to color coordinate your files.