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Stationery Rack Helps Sort Various Size Items in Desk Drawers

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Sometimes it can seem like it is easier to keep your desktop in order, while your drawers can inevitably end up messy and unorganized. Because desk drawers are constantly opened throughout the day, it makes sense that items inside will tend to shift around and become displaced.

Fortunately, there are products available that help maintain organization, while items are being stored. Buddy Products Short Stationery Rack is a steel, freestanding unit that can be placed directly inside your desk drawers. The rack has four designated storage areas, which help keep the contents in place.

Available in black and platinum, the unit features slanted dividers that provide visibility of the documents stored in the pockets. The radius cutouts make it easy to add or remove pages. Smaller size supplies, such as extra staples, paper clips and tape can be store directly on top of the last divider.

If you decide to reorganize your desk and are no longer in need of the rack, use the slots located on the back of the rack in order to mount it to the wall. This is another great use of the product that helps organize documents and keep information accessible.

Buddy Products Short Stationery Rack

This rack keeps your documents protected and neatly stored inside your desk drawer.

Index Dividers Come with Customizable Table of Contents Page

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Index dividers are commonly used to group information together by creating sections throughout binders. Many dividers have tabs that are pre-printed so users can quickly identify where information is being stored.

Kleer-fax allows individuals to take that type of organization to the next level. The Index Pro Table of Contents Dividers feature an informational page that is stored at the beginning of each binder, helping people locate information. This item can be particularly useful when putting together a presentation for a customer.

Each set of dividers come with a Table of Contents page, which can be customized using a laser or ink jet printer. The additional page is three-hole punched with a Mylar reinforced binding edge, like the dividers. This type of edge helps prevent it from tearing while it is being used.

The layout of the Table of Contents page coordinates with the tabs located on each divider. The colors and tab names are already printed on the page. In order to personalize it, the user is able to provide print more detail on what type of information is stored in each section.

These dividers, which are available in a color assortment or black and white tabs, have a variety of tab titles to choose from. Tabs are available with monthly, alphabetical or numeric labels.

Kleer-fax Index Pro Table of Contents Dividers, Individual

The letter-size Table of Contents page coordinates with tab labels and colors to help identify sections in the binder.

Rotating Desktop Organizer Helpful for Keeping Documents Visible

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Many employees are responsible for providing large amounts of information to customers in order to help them gain an understanding of their business. Individuals who deal directly with clients, such as customer service reps or sales managers, must always be aware of company policies and product information.

Some people may like to store this information electronically, but others prefer to keep hard copies. For those who like to print documents, Tarifold’s Orbital Reference Display is a great place to store important reference information.

This freestanding display unit can be stored on your desktop or another visible location, so that your company’s product listing or return policies always remain accessible. The wire-reinforced pockets can store letter-size pages, with up to two viewable documents per pocket. The organizer is gray in color, making it match almost any type of office décor.

Another unique feature of this Tarifold unit compared to other organizers is that the display has the ability to rotate 360 degrees. This can be beneficial if you tend to have an active workspace that requires you to juggle between the phone and computer when handling customers.

Tarifold Orbital Reference Display

The free-standing desktop organizer has the ability to rotate 360 degrees to make it visible at all angles.

Junior Size File is a Compact Storage Option for Smaller Items

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

It seems like more transactions are occurring electronically, leaving fewer paper trails to find storage for. Although keeping things paper-free is beneficial, there are many times when it is important to have hard copies of valuable paperwork.

For example, checks are something that should be significant enough to store hard copies of. Whether it is your direct deposit pay stub or an electronically deposited check, storing these items in a secure location does not take up much space and can be valuable to have as a back-up.

The C-Line Junior Size Expanding File is the perfect item to help protect your checks, or smaller sized items. It has 13 pockets available to organize your paperwork. The preprinted tabs are labeled alphabetically on one side and monthly on the other to provide options for how you decide to sort the documents.

The durable poly material is made of acid-free, archival quality, so it will ensure that the contents of the expanding file remain intact. The assorted colors available can also help to identify what information is stored in which file.

C-Line Products 13-Pocket Junior Size Expanding File

This expanding file is great for compact storage, while still providing the same level of protection as  other poly files.

Buddy Table Functions as Literature Display Rack

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Catalogs are a great way for the public to learn more about your company. Printed catalogs or sales material can visually demonstrate what type of products you sell, while providing more business related information within the copy.

For companies that meet with clients in their office, the Buddy Products Table with Literature Rack is a great place to store this type of literature. As customers are sitting in the lobby area waiting for a meeting, they have the opportunity to read up on your business.

This Buddy item is a great furniture piece that is available in medium oak or mahogany finish. The multi-functional unit has the ability to store literature and display it to those gathering in the waiting area, while also keeping paperwork organized.

The literature racks are located on all four sides of the table. If you need more space to store extra documents or supplies, simply lift off the top of the table to uncover more storage. Overall, using this rack is a perfectly subtle way to display company information in your lobby area.

Buddy Products Table with Literature Rack

The table is available in two different wooden finishes to allow flexibility to match with existing office furniture.

Unpunched Dividers Work with Numerous Binding Systems

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Index dividers are a great way to separate large amounts of information within a binder. It eliminates forcing you to flip through the entire binder in search of a particular document by making it much easier to locate a specific section.

The most common type of dividers have an index tab located on the left side of the divider. However, Kleer-fax has additional options available that may provide you with more flexibility on how you organize your binder.

The 80000 Series Avery Style Exhibit Bottom Tab Dividers have printed tabs, which are laminated in order to make them more durable. The dividers are unpunched, providing the user with more flexibility when it comes to the binding system they end up selecting.

Since the tabs are located on the bottom of the divider, they can be paired with letter-size documents that are horizontally printed, for example.  The possibilities are endless for how these dividers can be used. Choose from tabs labeled “Exhibit A” through “Exhibit Z”.

These sturdy, bottom tab dividers are a great way to help your binder stay organized!

Kleer-fax 80000 Series Avery Style Exhibit Letters Individual Bottom Tabs, Letter Size

The unpunched dividers make it possible to use with a variety of binding systems.