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Buddy Monitor Platform Great for Helping to Organize Work Space

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

How you organize your work space can be important to your productivity. Avoiding clutter, keeping paperwork organized and creating a comfortable work environment is important in order to help focus on whatever project you are working on.

Buddy Products has several desktop organizers that can help to create a productive atmosphere. One product is the Adjustable Height Monitor Platform, which can be instrumental in making your desktop more functional.

The platform, which can hold up to 55 pounds, is a perfect place to store both your monitor and keyboard. This unit’s height can be adjusted for comfortable viewing when someone is sitting at the desk. If several people use one computer, the height can be changed for each individual.

The keyboard holder extends 11 inches to avoid people from leaning to far over the desktop. Storing the computer equipment on the platform will instantly free up space on your desktop, which can be beneficial especially in small space situations.

Do you think that the Adjustable Height Monitor Platform would be beneficial for your workspace? Is so, tell us why below.

Buddy Products Adjustable Height Monitor Platform

The monitor platform has the ability to rotate 360 degrees in order to make this unit more functional.

Send Holiday Gifts in Alliance Mailing Tubes for Ultimate Protection

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Gift giving is traditionally a key aspect of the holiday season. Many individuals choose to purchase gifts as a way to celebrate this festive time of year with family and friends near or far.

For those who will be shipping gifts to loved ones far away, Alliance has many products that can aid in protecting items. In particular, the Mailing and Storage Tubes are a great way to protect items that are flat and can be rolled into a compact space.

The tubes, which are made from 100% recycled fibers, provide a lightweight, durable storage option for shipping. The walls of the tube are a commercial grade thickness of 0.050 mil. in order to provide a significant amount of protection. The contents of the tube are secured with plastic end caps that fit into both ends of the tube.

The Mail and Storage Tubes are ideal for shipping posters, large pictures and more. Ensure that your gift gets to the recipient in one piece, by using the compact tubes to ship your flat items.

Have you sent a package in Alliance’s mailing tubes? If so, tell us your thoughts below.

Alliance Rubber Mailing & Storage Tubes

The mailing tubes are available in three different sizes to accommodate the items being shipped.

Use Color to Help Organize Your Binders

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Everyone has their own unique organizational system that functions for them as an individual. What works for one person, may not always make sense to someone else. When it comes to preparing presentations for coworkers or clients, it is important to use a general system of organization so that others can understand it.

Sorting pages and creating sections within a binder, for example, is a great way to help individuals identify how the presentation is organized. C-Line’s Colored Sheet Protectors can be a great tool to use in order to incorporate color in your hand-outs.

The top loading, polypropylene sheet protector comes with an assortment of five different colors. Instantly create sections within the three-ring binder by using the blue, green, clear, red and yellow sheet protectors to color-code pages. The letter-size holders can also help identify important pages by making them stand out among standard, clear sheet protectors.

What are your thoughts about using the Colored Sheet Protectors to organize your next presentation? Let us know below.

C-Line Products Colored Sheet Protectors Polypropylene

All of the colored sheet protectors will stand out to help identify and organize documents with the use of color.

Multi-Person Planner Ideal for Organizing Various Schedules in One Place

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Tracking multiple schedules can be difficult, especially when many appointments or events are subject to change. House of Doolittle has many types of calendars that can be used in a variety of situations, but the Group Practice 4-Personal Planner can be ideal for any busy household trying to track multiple schedules.

Instead of trying to fit four different schedules on one calendar, this style planner provides separate vertical columns to record each person’s appointments. Having dedicated space to each individual ensures that there will be no confusion as to what schedule belongs to whom.

The letter-size, spiral-bound calendar spans from January through December. The planner is organized by dedicating one page per weekday, which gives plenty of room to provide detail, if desired. The appointment times run from 8:00 am to 7:45 pm with quarter-hourly appointment slots available.

Do you have a need for organizing multiple schedules in one location? If so, tell us how this House of Doolittle calendar will be helpful for you.

House of Doolittle Daily Group Practice 4-Person Planner

Each weekday is allotted one page, which is then divided into four vertical columns to provide enough space for each individual’s schedule.

Electronic Laptop Safe Reduces Theft Risk

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Many professionals utilize laptops at both the office and at home, in order to allow for greater mobility when working. While laptops have many benefits, they are much easier to steal than personal computers, which remain stationery and have more equipment to deal with.

Having laptops go missing because of theft is something that should be prevented in order to avoid losing important electronic files. Buddy Products has a unique Electronic Laptop Safe that provides an extra layer of security when storing your laptops.

The safe is made up of a heavy-duty, 8-gauge steel construction door with the entire body being a thicker, 14-gauge construction. The battery-operated keypad provides access to the safe once the master code is entered. If the battery dies when the safe is closed, the owner can utilize one of the two keys provided to open the safe and change the battery.

The safe has the ability to be mounted to a shelf or desk, which provides another level of security. Is this an item that you would consider using? If so, share with us where you would use Buddy Products Electronic Laptop Safe.

Buddy Products Electronic Laptop Safe

The keypad holds one master code to provide the ultimate protection of the laptop stored inside.

Traditional Office Supplies Ready for On-the-Go Professionals

Monday, December 9th, 2013

There are many professions that require individuals to move or travel throughout their work day. Teachers may teach in multiple classrooms. Sales representatives will travel to clients. Health care professionals often move from patient to patient during their shift.

Working in this type of capacity can sometimes make it difficult to stay organized the way you typically would if you were at your own desk for the whole duration of work. Carrying office supplies with you is the best way to stay organized and on top of paperwork.

The Alliance Rubber brites! Office-to-Go is a great tool to use when you are away from your desk. The supplies come in a zippered pouch, which has four compartments that can be used to divide everything up.

In addition to the pouch, individuals receive file bands, two sizes of paper clips, binder clips, push pins and one pen.  Everything included is available in an assortment of brite colors. This compact unit provides simple, traditional organizational tools that can be used to keep things in order when you are away from the desk.

Have you ever used brites! Office-to-Go? If so, let us know how you used them below.

Alliance Rubber brites! Office-To-Go

The four compartments within the pouch make it easy to keep all the supplies separate and organized.

Dry Erase Graph Paper Has Professional Value

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Graph paper is still widely used among many professionals. The detailed lines throughout the pages can help to act as a guide while an individual attempts to illustrate project designs.

The only issue that can arise when using this type of paper is that they are not forgiving when there are numerous mistakes made, forcing that person to continuously erase. Eventually, this will begin to mark the page.

GoWrite suggests using their Self Stick Dry Erase Graph Paper Sheets while you are developing the design. This specialty paper makes it easy to erase mistakes or even wipe the whole sheet clean and start over, if necessary.

The self-stick dry erase sheets have the ability to attach themselves to desktops, walls, doors, etc. The sheets are 17 x 22 in size, but it comes in a pack of 3, so they can all be used at one time for larger designs.

Overall, GoWrite’s Graph Paper Sheets are an economical solution to traditional graph paper.

What have you used the Dry Erase Graph Paper for before? Share with us below.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Graph Paper Sheets

The dry erase sheets have a self-stick ultra removable adhesive back, allowing it to be re-positioned if needed.

Magnetic Vinyl Pocket Good for Employee Notices

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

One of the most important things when posting notices to your employees is ensuring that everyone receives the message. The location of where you post documents is extremely important, and depending on the work environment, your document may need to be protected to avoid damage.

Tarifold’s Magnetic Vinyl Pocket is a great way to display employee notices, while also preserving the document itself. Once the pocket is placed on a metal surface, such as a refrigerator, the information stored within the pocket will be clearly display.

The vinyl pocket protects the document from being damaged by dirt and stains, which can be a concern in some industrial work settings.  Since the pocket come in a pack of 5, employers can distribute several of these throughout the office, ensuring that all employees have an opportunity to read over the notice.

Have you used this type of magnetic pocket in the past? Let us know how it worked for you.

Tarifold Magnetic Vinyl Pocket

The durable, vinyl material of the pocket makes it able to protect documents stored inside.