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Paper File Works Like a Filing Cabinet Outside the Office

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Traditionally, filing cabinets are the ideal place to store paperwork and other files. The downside to using this type of storage is that it can take up space and the cabinet cannot be easily transported anywhere. Kleer-fax took the same concept of a filing cabinet, but created a product that has the ability to securely transport documents.

The Vertical File Paper with Flap is a multi-pocket file that is constructed from heavy Kraft stock. The paper files have sturdy, heavy front and back panels to provide additional protection. The extra-long flap that secures documents in place helps to eliminate the risk of losing papers during transport.

The file is available in various styles, ranging from 12, 21 and 31 pockets. Additionally, each pocket is labeled to provide ease when filing paperwork. Labeling styles are available in A – Z, January – December and 1 – 31.

Would you use this product when traveling to customers? Let us know your thoughts below!

The Mylar® reinforced full height gussets allow for the file to expand to increase capacity.

Tamper-Resistant Seal Makes Hanging Pocket More Secure

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Some industries require documents to be displayed at all times during the workday. Construction sites, for example, are required to display permits and factories often are legally obligated to make specific information visible to all employees. When such important paperwork is being displayed, it is important to ensure that it is protected, especially in rough environments.

There are many products that will provide protection, while allowing documents to hang and remain visible. One of Tarifold’s hanging pockets takes protection to another level.

The Safety Hanging Pocket prevents tampering by including a seal that will change if someone attempts to open the pocket. The holographic seal is place on the flap once the document is inside. If the pocket is opened, the seal will destroy itself, indicated that it was tampered with.

The pocket itself is vertically orientated and has sturdy metal hanger located at the top of the item. The pocket is lined with a rigid steel wire frame, which provides additional protection for the documents inside.

The tamper-resistant seal keeps the documents secure and protected. What type of information would you use the Safety Hanging Pocket for? Let us know your thoughts below.

The outer edge of the pockets are lined with sturdy wire for additional protection when pockets are displayed.

Colored Rubber Bands Helps Organize Loose Supplies in Desk

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Keeping your desk space organized can be easy if you use the right office products to help sort all of your documents and supplies. File folders and other desk accessories can help maintain order for paperwork. Smaller items stored in desk drawers, however, can sometimes present a problem based on their size.

Even if you use drawer organizers, items like pencils or extra note paper can sometimes be displaced throughout the drawer when they are repeatedly opened and closed. Alliance Rubber has a colorful tool to help keep all of these items together.

The Sterling Colored Rubber Bands are similar to standard rubber bands, but the Sterling Bands are available in red, green or blue. The soft stretch is prefect when fast applications are needed. The bands are perfect for grouping together loose items within your desk drawer. The variety of sizes available makes the rubber bands a perfect solution for various size items.

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The colorful rubber bands help keep track of small items stored within your desk drawer by grouping similar items together.

Keep Desktop Clutter-Free with Buddy’s Stationery Rack

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Everyone’s desk looks different and that is primarily because everyone has their own individual way of organizing their desk that makes it work for them. Some people like storing files on desk trays, while others like to keep their desktop as clean as possible.

For those of you who like to be clutter-free, Buddy Products has a way to store paperwork and keep it accessible, while still maintaining a clear desk space. The Standard Stationery Rack can be stored in a desk drawer or can be mounted on the wall as a way to save space.

The slanted dividers allow documents to be sorted when they are stored. Since the dividers feature a cut-out, individuals can visually see what type of information is being stored in each section. Additionally, the unit has a designated space to store supplies such as staples, paper clips and stamps.

Would you wall mount the Standard Stationery Rack or store it in a desk drawer? Let us know below.

Whether you choose to mount this rack or store it in a desk drawer, it will help to keep your desktop free of clutter.

Wall Planner is Traditional and Academic Calendar in One

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Many people use various things to maintain their schedule, but using one primary calendar to document upcoming appointments and events is often the best approach. Additionally, keeping the calendar visible, helps to make your schedule accessible at all times.

The Four Seasons Reversible 18-Month Wall Planner can be stored on the wall to eliminate taking up space, while still remaining in plain slight. On one side the calendar displays January through December, while the other side lists July through June. The calendar takes both a traditional and academic approach when listing the months.

Each block size is 1 x 1-1/2 inches, allowing room to write upcoming events. Since this planner is not laminated, any type of writing instrument can be used on the calendar. The planner can be mounted by utilizing the self-adhesive hangers to attach it to the wall.

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Use this 18-month wall calendar to keep all of your important dates and appointments visible.

Peel & Stick Photo Holder Useful When Scrapbooking

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Scrapbooking is a great way to collectively display memories in a creative way. Many people use everything from photos to fun embellishments to decorate each page. In a way, scrapbooking helps tell a story and document a particular event.

Sometimes there are items that you want to store with the scrapbook, but do not necessarily want to include in the pages. Things like tour guides, maps and even postcards are a part of your vacation, but some people would rather keep them loose within the book, rather than attach them to the pages.

C-Line’s Peel & Stick Photo Holders are a great tool for storing this type of information. The self-adhesive backing allows the holder to be stored directly on the front and back cover of the scrapbook. Trip mementos that are up to 4 x 6 in size can be stored directly in these pockets.

Since the holder is made from archival quality polypropylene, the items stored in the holder will be protected from any photocopy transfer. Overall, using this pocket allows for loose items to be safely stored within the scrapbook without wasting page space.

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Attach the Peel & Stick Photo Holder to the inside cover of your scrapbook to create an instant storage pocket.

Increase Space by Creating Vertical Storage with Buddy

Monday, May 6th, 2013

When it comes to storage, not everyone has the luxury of having space to store paperwork, files, office supplies, etc. Lacking in places to put things can sometimes lead to having a cluttered desktop or work space.

Buddy offers a way to increase your storage space without having to necessarily have much room to begin with. The 58in. Metal Space Saver is a solid steel constructed storage unit that sits directly on your desk or any other flat surface. The shelves instantly provided more places to store documents.

The left side of the unit has adjustable steel shelves. The right side features CD storage, along with a pencil cup which is a perfect, accessible location for all your writing instruments. Directly under the shelf that is space to vertically store binders or catalogs.

This unit can even become customizable. The end panels have the ability to pop out, allowing the individual to cover the panel with fabric that blends in with their office décor. The Metal Space Saver comes in a black or graphite, which also helps to coordinate your office space.

Have you used the Metal Space Saver or a similar Buddy product before? Tell us how you used it below.

The Metal Space Saver has adjustable shelves, allowing the storage unit to accommodate your needs.

Numerous Customer Files are Band Together with Kleer-fax

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Storing and organizing documents is a tedious task that needs to be done right to avoid losing or misplacing documents. When it comes to patient or customer files, for example, it is very important to keep all their individual information together and stored in one location.

Sometimes paperwork can be overwhelming, and one file is not enough space to store all the information. When splitting up documents among numerous files, it is important to still keep them together. Kleer-fax Bundle Bands were created to help secure files together.

The patented Bundle Bands are made from rubber that is specially cut to make them more durable. The bands are held together by metal clips, allowing it to stretch around the files and secure the paperwork on all four sides.

Kleer-fax has created four different size bands. Each color represents a different size, so purchasing the assorted pack will provide you with two of each size band.

How would the Bundle Bands help you out? Let us know what you would use them for below.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands are also beneficial when moving files between two different locations.