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Versatile Desk Unit Organizer Keeps Information On-Hand

Monday, April 29th, 2013

The Desk Unit Organizers are one of Tarifold’s most popular and well-known items. Not only do they save space, but the organizers allow individuals to reference information without having to sort through files to get it. Instead, the information is available by flipping through the organizer.

Tarifold has several different kinds of desktop units, and one of the most unique organizers is the Crystal Desk Unit Organizer. The features are similar to other Tarifold organizers, but this one has the ability to display information in either portrait or landscape orientation.

The overall look of this particular organizer is elegant and neutral, allowing it to fit into almost any type of office décor. The pockets are made to fit standard letter size paper, and the organizer is available with 10 or 20 pockets. Each pocket can fit up to two documents.

Tell us about your experience with Tarifold’s desk organizers!

The clear color allows the unique desktop organizer to blend into any office setting.

Cable Wrapz Help Organize the Garage During Spring Cleaning

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Spring cleaning is here. Getting your house organized and clutter-free can be a tedious process. While going through the interior of the house, it is important to remember that your garage needs some love to! After the busy winter months, it deserves some TLC to get it in top shape for the summer.

Organizing your lawn care tools and other items stored in the garage is important. Many tools have cables, which can get tangled and potentially be hazardous if it is not stored properly. Alliance Rubber has Multi Color Cable Wrapz to help keep cords organized.

The wrapz are available in four difference sizes and can be easily identified by the color. Using the wrapz makes it possible to bundle extension cords or tool cables together. The bright colors also help the cords stand-out to people that may be in the garage.

How have you used the Multi Color Cable Wrapz in the past? Let us know below.

Each color represents a different size that is available to use to bundle together extension cords and other cables.

Wall Safe Provides Concealed Protection of Important Items

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Providing secure storage is important both at home and at the office. Some items, however, are more important than others and can require additional security to ensure that it is protected. Items with a large value like jewelry or work documents that are highly confidential will need more security to keep them safe.

Buddy Products Wall Safe offers secure storage for items with a 500 cubic inch space. The heavy duty, steel constructed safe has the ability to be stored on the wall in an effort to save on space and create a potentially concealed storage space.

The safe door is secured with the recessed dead bolt lock combination. This type of lock allows the safe to have flush-to-the-wall mounting, making it easier to conceal. The double reinforced steel door is able to easily protect the contents of the safe.

What would you use Buddy’s Wall Safe to protect? Comment and share with us below.

Store important documents, expensive jewelry and more in Buddy Products Wall Safe.

Legal Document Case Helps You Be Prepared for Next Tax Season

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Another tax season has come and gone, leaving some to feel more motivated than ever to keep their paperwork in order for this next year. Whether they misplaced paperwork or failed to keep enough documentation, many will enter a new tax year hoping to stay more organized and make future tax seasons a much easier process.

Picking the right office product will help to get you off on the right organizational track. C-Line’s Legal Size Document Case is just the product that will help maintain your records all year long. The elastic closure helps to secure documents up to 14 x 8 1/2 in size.

Utilize C-Line’s legal project folders to sort documents while they are being stored within the document case. The accordion-style gusset enables the portfolio to expand wide enough to store up to 1,000 sheets of paper.

The sleek, professional design makes it an appropriate item to take with when meeting with your accountant next year. Additionally, the heavy duty material will help to protect and preserve documents that are being stored within the portfolio.

How will you use the Legal Size Document Case to get organized? Let us know below.

Document case has strong outer cover that provides protection to contents stored inside.

Flat Item Kept Safe in Alliance Kraft Bubble Mailers

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the appropriate container to ship an item in. The shipping container size is important, since it must protect the contents of the package. Flat items, in particular, can cause problems since sending them in bulky boxes does not make sense.

Alliance Rubber has created flat mailers that are already lined with air-bubbles to ship smaller, flat items. The Kraft Bubble Mailers have a strong outer layer that is stiff, water resistant and capable of protecting the items within the package.

The air bubble lining provides a lightweight layer of protection that does saves on postage. To secure the contents in the package, simply use the pressure-sensitive strip to seal the mailer.

Alliance’s Kraft Bubble Mailers are available in sizes ranging from 4 x 8 to 14 1/4 x 20. What would you use the mailers to ship? Let us know below.

The Kraft Bubble Mailers are lightweight, allowing you to save on postage cost.

Students Use Kleer-fax Dividers to Store Class Schedule

Friday, April 12th, 2013

The first day of school is undoubtedly filled with nerves. Students walk through the halls trying to be on time for their new classes, as teachers hope to make good first impressions on their kids.

Kleer-fax has created a product that displays students’ class schedules, while acting as an index divider. The Plain Die Cut Ring Book Indexes will help take away some of the first day nerves by keeping their schedule on-hand at all times.

The first divider has a Monday thru Friday schedule printed directly on the front. Students can fill-in where they should be between class periods 1 through 8. At the bottom of the divider, there is space for personal information like name and school, which can be helpful if the binder gets lost.

In total, there are five assorted dividers with tabs included in this set. The tabs are blank, so the student can write-on the tabs and personalize how they are used. Since the dividers are already three-hole punched, they can be stored in any standard three-ring binder.

Anyone used the Kleer-fax Plain Die Cut Ring Book Indexes to keep you organized? Let us know below.

The assorted 5-tab dividers work well with standard three-ring binders since they are prepunched.