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Unique Multi-Punched Plastic Index Dividers Keep Files Organized

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Generally speaking, keeping files and paperwork organized can make life a lot easier. Knowing exactly where information is stored automatically saves time since there is no scrambling to find documents. When asked to verify or look something up, it can take a few seconds versus hours even locating the information.

Kleer-fax has a variety of items that work at helping sort documents and keep paperwork organized. The Max Tabs® All Plastic Insertable Sets are just one of the many items to pick from. These insertable indexes allow for letter-size documents to be split up into sections within ring binders. The index dividers come with an identification tab that has customizable inserts, which can be created using a laser or inkjet printer.

The dividers, which are available in 5 or 8 tab styles, are 11-hole punched, allowing them to be stored in a variety of binder styles. The plastic construction is tear and water resistant, making it a durable choice for keeping paperwork in order.

What would you keep organized with the Max Tabs® All Plastic Insertable Sets? Share with us your ideas below!

The assorted tabs help to identify sections within the ring binder, making it easy to locate information.

Desktop Organizer Makes Information Available to Telecommuting Staff

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Technology has allowed companies to be more flexible with employees by giving them the option to telecommute. The change in the work environment has resulted in some businesses providing open work cubicles that are available for use, instead of assigning office space to employees that tend to work from home.

Since employees are not guaranteed to have the same cubicle when they come into the office, they do not have the option to store anything at the desk space. Rather than transferring important company information between their house and the office, many companies can use Tarifold organizers to provide permanent storage for general company information.

Tarifold’s Desktop Starter Set comes complete with 10 red pockets and a metal base that allows the organizer to be stored on any flat surface. Since the pockets are clear on both sides, the unit can store up to 20 letter-size documents. The index tabs, located on the pockets, enable the employee to acquaint themselves with how the information is stored in a matter of seconds.

Store everything from weekly events to the company newsletter to the personnel directory. If there are additional pockets needed, simply purchase the 10-Pocket Expansion Set to increase the storage space available.

Would this organizer be valuable in your work space? Explain why in the comment section and tell us how you would use it.

Each pocket has red plastic lining around the outer edge, which adds some color and style to the desktop organizer.


SuperSize Bands Help To Secure Shipments

Monday, March 18th, 2013

When packing up shipments, it is important to ensure that the box contents remain as secure as possible in order to protect the items while in transit. This includes packing and wrapping the box to provide extra protection.

Sometimes it can be difficult to properly seal packages, especially when doing it by yourself. Alliance has many shipping products available. However for this particular situation, the SuperSize Bands can help to hold carton flaps in place while taping the box.

Available in three different sizes, the bands can expand to assist with big jobs. Each color signifies a size, which makes it easy to identify the difference between the bands in the assortment pack. 17” x 1/4” is the largest size available, which has the capability to hold up to 55 gallon drum liners in place.

How would you use the SuperSize Bands? Let us know below.

With three sizes available, there are numerous uses for these durable rubber bands.

Key Tags Help Track and Manage Key System

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

There are specific professions that are required to handle large amounts of key at one time. Building managers, janitors and realtors, for example, are among the professionals who utilize multiple keys on a daily basis in order to do their job.

Tracking the keys becomes increasingly important in order to maintain security at home or in office buildings. Buddy Products has an easy tool to help identify what keys are in use and who has them.

The Key Loaned Tags are bright yellow in color and have a hook at the top, which allows them to be stored in standard key boxes. To use the tags efficiently, the name, date loaned and key number will be written directly on the tag. The tag will be place in the area the key used to be located.

How would these tags help at your workplace? Let us know below.

The bright yellow tags can be placed in the same spot as the missing key to signify to others who has it.

Make Presentations More Interactive in Minutes with Transparency Film

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Typically, customer presentations are created prior to meetings, ensuring that the information displayed is accurate and the company is prepared in advance for the appointment. This is an essential part to any client meeting. However, there is little room for change once complete.

Utilizing transparency film, in addition to the presentation, will allow for real-time examples to be demonstrated, clients’ questions to be visually answered and ultimately, make for a cleaner presentation. C-Line’s Write-on Transparency Film is available in letter size sheets that can be wiped off and reused when using overhead markers or grease pencils.

This type of film is not meant to be printed on. Instead, it is purely used to make presentations more interactive and visual for the clients. This product can be especially helpful if clients do not have any other type of board available to demonstrate and write on.

Have you used the Write-on Transparency Film? Let us know below.

Writing on the transparency film instantly makes your presentation more visual, which can help clients retain the information.

Complex Schedules are Managed with Monthly Planner

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

As life gets busier, it is important to document appointments and events to ensure that nothing conflicts. However, keeping track of numerous schedules on one calendar can be tedious and sometimes, cluttered.

In certain circumstances, it can be more beneficial to create different calendars for specific purposes to avoid any overlap. The House of Doolittle Economy Monthly Appointment Planners is a basic calendar that is ideal for this type of situation.

Displaying a two-page monthly spread, the calendar allows an individual to be aware of what their current and upcoming schedule looks like. Each day block is numbered and lined to allow users to write in the catalog. The weekends are shaded a light gray to differentiate them from the weekdays.

The Economy Calendar is available in two different sizes and is essential to tracking many people’s complex schedules. What do you use your House of Doolittle calendar for? Let us know below.

The two-page spread provides room to add detail about the upcoming appointment or event.

Side Tab Dividers Help Sort Legal Size Documents

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Although letter size documents are the most commonly used size, many industries have to use legal documents for official reports and contracts. Kleer-fax has devoted an entire line of organizational products to legal document storage.

This line of products features the 80000 Series Avery Style Letters Individual Side Tabs. Primarily used to sort documents, the dividers are available with laminated tabs that help information to be identified. The tabs, labeled A-Z, allow for a variety of binding systems to be created.

Individual letters are packaged together and packed in a set of 25. Since all the tabs are 1/26” cut, a variety of letters can be used together, while still looking professional and uniform.

What are your thoughts on Kleer-fax line of Legal Size Side Tab dividers? Let us know below.

Kleer-fax Index Dividers with Side Tabs keeps your legal documents in order.