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Alliance Rubber Helps Secure Packaging During Shipment

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

When packing up shipments, the goal is to ensure that the contents remain secure and protected throughout the shipping process. Regardless of the package size, it is important to pack the items with care by using strong boxes, tape and paper to protect the contents.

Since Alliance Rubber is in the business of banding things together, they have products to assist when packing shipments. The Polypropylene Packaging Tape is a clear, heavy duty roll of tape that is available with two different adhesive options. Choose between the hot melt adhesive, which is 1.9 mils in thickness, or the acrylic adhesive, 2.6 mils in thickness.

Use the packing tape to properly seal boxes and ensure that they will remain closed during shipment. Since the tape is clear, it will blend into the box, making the package professional in appearance. How would this help your packaging needs? Let us know below.

The clear packing tape can be used alone or with the help of a tape gun to make securing the shipment easier.

Track Team Project with Dry Erase Sheets

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Keeping track of deadlines on upcoming projects is important to ensure that nothing is missed. When working on team projects, it is even more essential to create a system monitoring dates so all members are on the same page.

Using GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Sheets can be a very simplistic approach that can be effective for communicating as a group. By documenting deadlines and task assignments on the sheet, team members can visually see where the group’s progress is at. Once an individual completes a task, they can indicate that directly on the sheet.

The letter size sheets have the ability to stick to any flat surface, and be repositioned if necessary due to the self-stick adhesive. Using dry erase markers guarantees that the ink will wipe right off, which allows the page to be reused over and over.

How would the self-stick dry erase sheets benefit your life? Let us know below!

Dry erase markers allow you to adjust deadlines and add new tasks if necessary.

Create Durable Storage Space for Active Files

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Tarifold has many space saving products that allow multiple documents to be located in one unit, providing accessible storage options. Many of the desktop organizers function as a more permanent option for pages. When it comes to storing current project files, Tarifold has a different style of organizer available.

The Hanging Wallet Folder can create a storage space for active files in a matter of minutes. The two metal rings, located at the top of the folder, aid in attaching and hanging the file to a flat surface. The front cover of the folder expands outward in order to accommodate numerous files.

Since the unit is available as a five-pack, individuals have the ability to create many folders that would work within their office space. For example, establishing an “IN” and “OUT” bin could be used to store files you are currently working on and ones you have completed.

What would you use the hanging wallet folder to organize? Let us know below.

The front cover expands to provide easy access to documents and files stored within the folder.

Popular Clip Badge Great for Identifying Guests at Events

Monday, February 18th, 2013

When it comes to event planning, it seems as though there are numerous options for every decision to be made, ranging from location selection to gift bags ideas. When it comes to the logistics of any event, decisions should be made with the guests in mind.

Traditionally, many professional events require attendants to wear name badges or identify themselves in some way. C-Line has many styles available to pick from, but one of the most popular options is the Clip Style Badge Holders.

Available in two sizes, the name badge holder is secured to the suit jacket or blouse with the clip, located on the back of the PVC-free holder. Utilizing this style eliminate the potential for clothing damage since there are no adhesives used.

The holders come with a set of blank inserts, allowing event coordinators to create customized name badges for all their attendants. Need help creating the badge? Simply use templates available in Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect and even on the C-Line website to guide you.

Have you used the C-Line Clip Style Badge in the past? Let us know below!

Clip Style Badge Holders help to identify all attendees at large events.

Track Long-Term Schedules on 12-Month Laminating Wall Planner

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

It is never too late to start planning ahead. Whether looking toward organizing a summer vacation or scheduling upcoming business trips, it is important to make a note of travel plans to ensure that they do not get overlooked.

Calendars are the most common place to document appointments, travel plans and more. House of Doolittle has a wide selection to choose from, but for planning in advance there is one calendar that works great.

The Earthscapes Laminated Write-on/Wipe-off Wall Planner is a 12-month calendar, 24 x 37 inches in size, is decorated with picturesque waterfall images. Two-sided, the calendar can be displayed vertically or horizontally depending on the wall space available. The write-on, wipe-off surface allows for vacation days or appointments to be rescheduled or changed as necessary.

This calendar is perfect for easily communicating employees’ schedules throughout the entire company. What would you use the laminated wall planner for? Let us know below.

Track employees' scheduled days off with the 12-month dry erase wall planner.

Dry Erase Sheets Spark Student Interest in Skill Practice

Monday, February 11th, 2013

It is a known fact that keeping students interested in studying can prove to be challenging at times. Regardless of whether or not the child understands what is being taught, motivation to study and practice what is being taught in the classroom can be difficult to maintain.

Trying new techniques can gain students’ attention and spark some interest in the topic at hand. GoWrite has a great study aid that can be used as a new approach to teaching math skills, in particular. The Self Stick Dry Erase Graph Paper allows students to practice math problems over and over, while eliminating paper waste.

Instead of providing worksheets, teachers can use the dry erase sheets, 17 x 22 in size, to conduct an in-class exercise by encouraging students to practice a set of problems directly on the sheet. The self-stick back allows the sheet to attach to any flat surface, but can be removed and repositioned if needed.

How could the Self Stick Dry Erase Graph Paper Sheets be used in your life? Let us know below.


Technologically Equip Your Conference Room in Minutes

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Having access to technology is quickly becoming a necessity in many business environments. Whether in a conference call or presenting a business proposal to clients, many professionals will reference electronic documents, utilize internal networks and even communicate over the internet with other individuals.

In an office setting, majority of individuals have computers set-up at their own desk. However, it is important for other areas, such as a conference room, to be able to accommodate technology without requiring much space.

Buddy Products Capri Compact PC Workstation is the perfect storage unit for a meeting room computer. The space-saving unit has two shelves, one for the monitor and the other for the keyboard. There is an additional attachment for the mouse platform, which accommodates both left and right-handed people.

The workstation has the ability to store all parts of the PC by keeping the mini-tower CPU on the side-bar holder. The compact unit is able to be relocated around the room, since it has four wheels; two of which lock for security purposes. Available in black, gray and charcoal gray, Buddy’s Workstation can match almost any office design.

How could the Capril Compact PC Workstations benefit you? Let us know below.

Store a computer in conference rooms or meeting areas without taking up much space.

Save Desktop Space with Tarifold Wall Unit

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Keeping documents accessible that are used regularly throughout the workday is important, and sometimes essential for some work environments. Tarifold Organizers are often chosen to be the central storage location for this type of information.

The organizers, which are available in various styles and colors, are available in a desktop or wall unit version. When space is a consideration, the Wall Mounted Starter Set is ideal because it eliminates creating clutter or taking up room on a smaller desk.

The storage unit comes with 10 gray wire display pockets, which can store up to two letter-size documents each. The snap-on index tabs allow for information to be identified, making it easy to locate particular items beings stored. Additionally, the hardware is included to allow the unit to be mounted to the wall.

Have you used the Wall Unit in the past? Let us know below.

Store items with the Wall Mount in order to eliminate desktop clutter!