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Large File Folders are Now Band Together with Alliance

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

File folders are commonly used in the work environment to store and organize paperwork. Although the files can often hold large amounts of documents, the folders can sometimes stretch out or have trouble closing, which does not provide the same protection.

Alliance Rubber has a product that keeps files grouped together. Great for both regular and archival filing, the X-treme File Bands have the ability to band together files to ensure documents remain in place.

The bands are constructed out of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, EPDM, which is a latex free formula that allows the file bands to be UV and ozone resistant. The material ensures that the bands have an extended lifespan.

How would you employ the X-treme File Bands at your office? Let us know below.

The file bands, 7 x 1/8 in size, are available in two different colors to help color code files, if necessary.

Four-Shelf Storage Unit on Wheels to Allow Customization of Storage Area

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Working to eliminate clutter can help maximize the space provided in a given room at home or at the office. Creating storage space that can organize everything from office supplies to file boxes will ultimately free up space.

Buddy Products has many shelving options that can create storage space in a matter of minutes. The Four Shelf Mobile Storage Rack, in particular, allows the storage space to shift location if necessary with its unique “rolling shelves” design.

The steal storage rack’s open style does not restrict the items stored by size. Each unit can store up to 75 pounds per shelf, allowing for rubber bins or stacks of paper reams to be stored with ease. Tools are required to securely assemble Buddy’s shelving unit.

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The Four Shelf Storage Rack has an open design so it can store large bins, supplies and more.

Hand-Written Messages Keep Public Log for Reference

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Although many communications are done electronically, there are still many circumstances when written messages and notes are essential. There are many instances when technology may fail or writing a co-worker a note is much quicker then drafting an email.

Kleer-fax has the perfect log for these types of instances. The Jotta-Call is a message book that allows users to prepare a note or write down a phone message. The most beneficial part about using the message book is that it keeps a public record on NCR paper for others throughout the company to reference.

The book, which has a total of 400 messages, is available in 11 x 5-1/2 size. Each form has spaces for phone, fax and cell numbers. In addition, the book includes a “prevent write-thru” card to ensure that other sheets are not damaged.

Would the Jotta-Call be beneficial to you? Let us know your thoughts below.

Jotta-Call keeps track of messages by keeping a carbon copy record of each entry made in the message book.

Beneficial Having Dedicated Document Briefcase for Transporting Files

Monday, January 21st, 2013

In the past, briefcases were typically used to store files and paperwork while traveling outside of the office. Now, they are more commonly used for transporting laptops and other electronic equipment between customers’ offices, work and home. There is little room left in briefcases for work files.

Tarifold has created a lightweight polypropylene case that is ideal for transporting documents. The Translucent Briefcase features a retractable handle, making it easy to hold when traveling to various offices. Although lightweight, the material is strong and able to protect documents store inside.

Overall, the briefcase has a frosted look, expect for the sides of the case, which are available in yellow, green or gray. The case also features two pen holders.

How would the Translucent Briefcase help in your work environment? Let us know your thoughts below.

The briefcase is translucent, but does have color on the sides to add a little flair to the unique file case.

Write-On Project Folders Allow For Detailed Labeling on Folders

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

When working on long-term projects, it can sometimes seem as though the paperwork and meeting notes are endless. Although it is important to maintain hard copies of information, it can be cumbersome to determine the most efficient way to store the documents.

Creating multiple project folders for different aspects of a project is one method that could be beneficial in this type of situation. By utilizing C-Line’s Write-on Project Folders, an individual can create numerous folders to store notes, email communications and other important documents.

The letter size folders have a write on tab that extends the entire length of the folder. This allows for each folder to be labeled in great detail, ensuring that the paperwork being stored is easily identifiable. The best part about the folder is that instead of lugging an over-sized file to meetings, you can just take the specific folder that is needed without taking much time to search through papers.

What are your thoughts on C-Line’s Write-on Project Folders? Let us know below.

Use ball-point pens, pencil or markers to write-on the tab, allowing for easy identification of the documents inside.

Organize Binders with Index-Pro Table of Contents Dividers

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Using the right products can help even the most organized person keep information and important documents in order. Creating information binders in both the work place and home can allow for paperwork to be made more accessible in a matter of minutes.

There are various ways to organize a binder, but the most commonly used method is to divide the paperwork being stored into numerous categories. Kleer-fax has dividers available to allow each section to be individually identified.

The Index-Pro Table of Contents Dividers comes with a table of contents page, which aligns with the tabs for a quick reference of information. The letter-size dividers are available with assorted or black and white tabs. Depending on how many and what type of tabs are needed, Kleer-fax has options to select. Tab titles range from numbers to the alphabet to months of the year.

How have you used Kleer-fax Index-Pro dividers in the past? Let us know your experience below.

Choose from assorted or black and white tabs to make a statement on your next presentation.

Holiday Wrapz Keep Light and Décor Bundled and Organized

Friday, January 11th, 2013

With the holiday season coming to a close and the New Year in full swing, it is time to put the decorations and festive lights away until next year. Keeping everything intact while in storage is the most important thing when packing up everything.

Often, lights or tree garland can cause the most trouble because they almost always tangle up while in storage. Alliance Rubber has the holiday décor solution, which helps this problem, in particular.

The Holiday Wrapz allow for decorations, such as lights, to remain grouped together and organized during storage. The wrapz are available in two different sizes to accommodate larger items. They are made from ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM, allowing the wrapz to increase the decorations longevity, while being stored.

To use, simply bundle a string of lights by wrapping the cable around them at various points until they appear secure. Sound simple? Try out Alliance’s Holiday Wrapz and let us know how they helped keep your holiday decorations in order.

The Holiday Wrapz are available in two different sizes in order to accommodate both large and small bundles.