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Dry Erase Board Created in Minutes with GoWrite

Monday, December 31st, 2012

While chalkboards are still in use, they are quickly becoming a thing of the past as teachers continue to prefer using dry erase boards. Replacing chalkboards with the new dry erase style is an added expense that schools may not be prepared to take on. For teachers that still want an updated board, GoWrite makes it possible at an affordable cost.

The Self-Stick Dry Erase Rolls range in size from 18 x 6 to 24 x 20, allowing for a large area to be turned into a dry erase marker board. The type of adhesive that holds the roll in place also makes it repositionable so the board can be relocated if necessary. By using dry erase markers, the makeshift board can continue to be reused.

Whether it is used to demonstrate math problems in the classroom or to create a brainstorming board within the workplace, the Self-Stick Dry Erase Rolls can be beneficial in many situations.

Have you used the dry erase rolls in the past? Let us know how they have been beneficial for you!

Since the rolls are self-stick, they create a dry erase space instantly by simply rolling onto chalkboards, desks, etc.

Preprinted Tabs Reduce Time When Assembling Binders

Friday, December 28th, 2012

When assembling large binding projects, it can be a time consuming task to create tabs along with organizing all the additional information. Kleer-fax has a wide selection of items that are available with preprinted tabs in order to avoid more work than necessary.

The 80000 Series Avery Style Letters Collated Sets Bottom Tabs are letter size dividers that are labeled from A – Z. Whether you are creating your own address book or filing customer paperwork that requires this type of organization, the tabs will instantly create sections within any style binder. Since the dividers are unpunched, it can be used for a variety of binding systems.

Each tab is labeled and laminated to extend the lifespan of the dividers, while maintaining order throughout the binder. Have you used the letter or legal size tab collections from Kleer-fax? Let us know below.

The letter size tabs create a unique impression since they are located at the bottom of the divider.

Turn 3D Desk Stand into Household Information Center

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Tarifold desktop paperwork organizers are very useful in the workplace. Not only do they keep high use documents organized, but the desk stands protect paperwork, while still keeping the information accessible.

Although these products are typically used in the workplace, there are many instances when the 3D Desk Stand would come in handy at home. Keeping emergency contacts, school lunch plan and sports schedules on hand are just a start to the documents that can be stored in the letter-size pockets. Having this information in one location ensures that a babysitter, for example, would be aware of important household activities.

The 3D Desk Stand comes with ten pockets that are clear on both sides, so two documents can be stored and displayed within the holder. Since the stand is multi-directional, it can shift from portrait to landscape orientation. The organizer also has the ability to be mounted on a wall if space is an issue.

Have you used any of Tarifold’s paperwork organizers? Let us know below.

Use the multi-directional stand to protect and organize letter size documents.

House of Doolittle Calendar Gets Organized for 2013

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Whether you are ready or not, 2013 is fast approaching. Before vacation days and company holidays begin, it is important to prepare for the New Year. Filing away old paperwork and clearing out room for new files is a start.

Ordering a new calendar makes it possibly to start looking ahead and scheduling work trips or business meetings in the upcoming year. House of Doolittle has seven different styles of calendars to choose from. The wide selection offered ensures that each individual can pick a style that will work best with their organizational style.

Whether you prefer desk pad calendars over laminated planners or a Classic Wall Calendar design over the Landscapes Monthly Planner, House of Doolittle has something for everyone. The calendars very in size, but each one has a unique design, ranging from simplistic to artistic. All calendars are made from recycled paper, which are comprised of 100% post-consumer fiber.

All set for 2013? Share with us what House of Doolittle calendar you purchased for next year.

Full color nature photo on each month adds a scenic aspect to this monthly calendar.

Color Coding and Identification Made Easy with Write-On Project Folders

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Project folders are often used to subdivide larger files or store paperwork in for ongoing projects. C-Line has many types of project folders to choose from. For those people who use color coding as a tool to create their own personal organization system, they have the perfect product to fit those needs.

The Write-on Project Folder is unlike any of C-Line’s other project folders. The folders come in an assortment so color coding is an option. The color outlines the folder, so that the contents still remain visible without having to open it.

The most unique feature of the polypropylene project folders is the full length write-on tab that is located on the right side of the folder. Everything from pencil to permanent marker will work when writing on the tab in order to create a detailed way to identify what is being store in the letter size folder.

Have you used the Write-on Project Folders in the past? Let us know below.

Use the folders' color assortment and large tab to organize your projects.

Lightweight Mailer Secures & Protects CDs

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

In the workplace, the majority of files and documents are now shared over the internet. Whether people use email or online file sharing sites, the majority of paperwork is exchanged in a much quicker way. However, there are occasions when files tend to be too large or something else makes it difficult to use online tools.

Instead, it becomes necessary to place documents on a CD and mail them to the expecting customer. Since this takes additional time, it is essential that the CD arrives intact and ready to be used. Alliance Rubber has specialty mailers that can protect CDs during transport.

The CD & DVD Mailers have a bubble cushioned interior in order to provide moisture-resistant protection. The bubble lining is lightweight in order to keep postage costs down. The outside has “To” and “From” lined section to make it easy to address the envelope. It is also self-sealing to ensure that the CD is secure during the mailing process.

Have you used Alliance Rubber CD & DVD Mailers in the past? Share with us how well they worked below!

Protect CDs and DVDs while shipping them to customers with Alliance's lightweight mailers.

Use Color to Keep File Folders Organized and Accessible

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Hanging file folders are a great way to group together and categorize multiple files in one location. Many times these folders come with tabs that are used to help identify what is being stored in the file. Often, tabs are one color, which can make it difficult to sort through numerous folders.

Instead, it is often recommended to use color as a tool to help organize information by making it easier to identify specific folders or documents. Kleer-fax has Hanging File Folder Tabs that are available in eight different colors in order to allow you to create a customized, color coded filing system.

The plastic tabs, which are 3-1/2 x 1/3 inches in size, snap into the file folder and sit slightly higher than the folder itself in order to make them stand out. Standard strip inserts are included, making it easy to customize each tab and label the folder.

Have you tried Kleer-fax colorful file folder tabs? Let us know below.

Organizing hanging folders by labeling them with assorted color tabs.

Mounted Monitor Instantly Saves Desktop Space

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Have you ever looked at ways to save space on your desktop? There are multiple options that can get you organized, while actually allowing you to see your desk. File racks and other desktop organizers work great for paperwork. However, there are many other things, like computer hardware, that can also clutter up space.

Buddy Products has made it easy to mount your computer monitor, specifically, in order to eliminate wasted space. The Wall Mount Single Swing Arm is a steel welded mount that securely stores the monitor to a conveniently located wall.

The swing arm feature allows the monitor to be moved around in an easy, smooth motion to ensure that it can be viewed by multiple people, if necessary. The locking technology secures the monitor in place, but also makes it easy to dismount if needed.

What are your thoughts on mounting your computer monitor? Would it be a space saver? Let us know below.

Save space on your desktop by mounting the monitor just above your desk space.

No-Hole Punching, No Problem

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Traditionally, sheet protectors are used to protect documents while they are being stored in ring binders. Sometimes loose or high-use documents need that same type of protection. Since many sheet protectors come already hole punched, using them in this circumstance doesn’t make sense.

This is why C-Line Products has developed a No-Hole Sheet Protector. The heavyweight poly material provides the same protection as any of their other document holders, but this one does not feature a three-hole punch along the reinforcing strip.

Whether you are looking to protect signs that are posted throughout the building or subdivide file folders, the No-Hole Sheet Protector fits many types of document storage situations. Also, the letter size holder is made from acid-free, archival quality material, which eliminates photocopy transfer.

What would you use the No-Hole Sheet Protector for? Let us know below.

This sheet protector provides the same durable storage as a traditional holder, but without the hole punching down the reinforcing strip.