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Organize Students’ Transportation to School with Bus Bands

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Getting students to school safely is a major concern for both parents and schools. Many children may ride the bus or get dropped off on a regular basis. However, schedules can change, which ends up disrupting the typical routine.

Asking a young child to remember on Wednesdays they are bus riders, for example, is not necessarily the safest way to keeping everyone organized. Instead, schools and parents will be relieved to know that Alliance Rubber has ID bracelets specifically for this situation.

The Bus Bands ID Bracelets are colorful plastic bands that have “Car Rider” or “My Bus # is ___” imprinted directly on the band. Since the bracelets have the ability to be written on, it allows teachers or parents to customize the band and make any other necessary notes. Each pack comes with a mixture of both types, so your student will be ready.

Alliance’s Bus Bands can eliminate any confusion as to how kids will get home safely. Have you had the opportunity to use the bracelets? Let us know below.

The colors identify the type of band it is: yellow for bus riders and blue for car riders.

Promote Employee Feedback with Discreet Suggestion Box

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Many companies look for ways to receive employee feedback and suggestions in order to develop on understanding of opinions in the workplace. Whether individuals choose to comment on negative aspects of their work environment or compliment the company for increasing benefits, creating a way to openly communicate and share thoughts is important for any business.

Buddy Products has created a way for employees to share opinions in a discreet way. The Steel Suggestion Box with Suggestion Cards can sit on any flat surface or be mounted to a wall for a space saving option. The box is made from durable, textured steel so it resists scratching.

Each box comes with 50 yellow suggestion cards, which slides in the card slot located on the side of the unit. Additionally, there is a magnetic chain pen that can be attached anywhere on the box for convenience.

Would this suggestion box increase communication between employees and company executives? Let us know your thoughts below!

Suggestion or feedback cards are stored in a secure location so employees or customers feel safe sharing their thoughts.

Stay Prepared When Presenting at Clients’ Offices with GoWrite

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Traveling to a customer’s office to make a presentation is an obstacle in and of itself. Even if the client lets you know what type of technology is available for use, there are still many unexpected issues that can arise. Technical difficulty with a computer or projector can eliminate visual aids that were prepared, leaving the presenter scrambling at the last minute.

GoWrite has prepared a transportable device that keeps business professionals equipped for any type situation. The Dry Erase Easel Pad can create a write-on surface in any setting. Each pad has 10 sheets, which are 25 x 30 in size. Using a dry erase marker allows the pad to be reusable over and over.

Using this GoWrite product ensures that various points in a presentation can still be made visually without relying a customer’s conference room capabilities. How have you used the Dry Erase Easel Pad? Let us know below.

Create a visual aid in seconds by using the Dry Erase Easel Pads.

Binders Stay Organized with Kleer-fax

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Keeping your binder organized is essential, especially in jobs that require you to accurately reference specific information quickly. There are various ways that information can be sorted within binders to make documents more accessible. Using index dividers are among the most common ways to keep binders organized.

Kleer-fax has Numeric Letter Size Dividers that are preprinted to keep the tab label looking professional. Each tab is laminated for overall protection. The dividers have a wide selection of number options that are available, ranging from 1-5 to  976 – 1000.

By using Kleer-fax Dividers, the information can be sorted to enable each divider to act as a category within the binder. Have you used the dividers before? Let us know your experience below.

The Side Tab Number Dividers allow you to break your binder into chapters and keep information organized.

Project Ideas Stored in Fashionable Reusable Envelope

Monday, October 15th, 2012

When it comes to projects, it always seems that some have priority and deadlines, while others are pushed off until time permits. Many delayed projects are beneficial, but they typically do not have an expiration date that accompanies them.

Finding a way to store these types of projects is important to ensure that they still remain a consideration for when work and other responsibilities slow down.  While C-Line has many poly storage options that would fit this type of situation, the new Fashion Circle Series can ensure the paperwork will stand-out.

C-Line’s Poly XL Reusable Envelope has a unique black and gray circle design. The durable polypropylene material ensures that documents are protected, while the Velcro closure secures the letter-size pages in place. If you choose to use the envelopes to store multiple project ideas, it is an option to use project folders to organize the material within the holder.

Have you used the Reusable Envelope in any specific way? Let us know!

The black and gray fashion design adds a unique touch to a traditional office product.

Hand Wipe Station Helps to Keep Employees Well

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

As flu season approaches, it can seem like getting sick is an inevitable part of this time of year. However, there are various ways that employers can promote wellness within the workplace as a way to prevent the flu from spreading throughout the office.

Buddy Products Hand Wipe Station allows employees to be proactive in practicing good hygiene in a work environment. The freestanding unit holds one sanitizing wipe canister that can be replaced as needed. Extra wipes can be stored in the base of the stand.

The design of the wipe canister is hands-free in order to reduce the potential for germs to spread. It allows individuals to access the wipes at the top due to the open design.

How would this Hand Wipe Station benefit your workplace? Let us know below.

The additional wipe canisters can be conveniently stored in the base of the unit.

Year Long Wall Planner Keeps Important Dates Organized

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Keeping information organized is essential in every workplace to some degree. Although one approach may not work for everyone, it is important for each individual to determine a system that is logical for them to use.

Using calendars ensures that specific information, such as appointments and meetings, will be accessible and therefore, remembered. While there are many calendars to pick from, House of Doolittle offers a wall unit that covers the entire year.

The ExpressTrack Laminated Yearly Wall Planner is a reversible calendar that can be used horizontally or vertically depending on the amount of wall space available. Since it is laminated, the surface can be wiped clean of any ink with a damp cloth. House of Doolittle provides a water-soluble marker that is best to use with it.

Would the year-long calendar help you organize long-term projects or be beneficial in any other way? Let us know below!

Write-on, wipe-off effect is created by the calendar's laminated surface, which allows for ink to be removed with a damp cloth.

Durable Bands Stabilize Pallet Loads

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

When shipping large quantities of product, it is often difficult to guarantee that all items will remain secure. As boxes are stacked on pallets, it is likely that they shift while being transported to its destination. While shrink wrapping the pallet can help eliminate this, many companies are using Alliance to provide extra support.

The Pallet Bands are made from heavy-duty rubber and have the ability to stretch to fit around a 48 x 60 space. Each pack includes twelve bands, allowing for several to be used for one shipment. Since there are four different sizes, Alliance has color coded each size to make users aware of the difference.

The bands are reusable, allowing for pallets to be stabilized at a low cost.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of Alliance Rubber Pallet Bands? Let us know below.

Pallet Bands stretch around boxes in order to better secure them when they are being shipped on a pallet.