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Organize and Save Space on Your Desktop

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Office organizers that can store multiple items serve an important purpose in the workplace. Being able to use one storage unit often will reduce the amount of space that is taken up on a desk or table top.

Tarifold has several desktop products that aid in storing information and office supplies. The Black Line Desk Set protects important documents in the black or green polypropylene pockets, while creating supply storage compartments out of the unit’s stand.

The desk set comes with 10 total document pockets; 5 black and 5 green. The pockets are double-sided to allow for increased document storage. As information is added to the desktop unit, users can purchase additional pockets to expand the organizer.

The most unique part is that the black stand has three individual compartments for storage of items like pens, cell phone, paperclips and post-in notes. Instead of items be thrown around the desktop, they can be conveniently stored on the stand, which still keeps everything accessible.

How do you organize your desktop? Would this product help keep things in order? Let us know below.

The Desk Set comes with 10 pockets, but more can be purchased to expand the organizer's capacity.

Store Multiple Types of Media in One Case

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Although technology has evolved substantially from the days of cassette tapes and computer diskettes, many people still have older media and plan to save them. Buddy Products has an unusual case, which allows for various types of media, both old and new, to be stored in one location.

The All Media Case has adjustable dividers and partitions to allow the case to be customized in order to fit what the individual would like to be stored in it. This allows for only one type of media to be stored, or numerous ones with various sizes. For example, the All Media Case can fit up to 150- 5.25” diskettes or 34 standard CD’s.

How are you storing your media? Would Buddy Products All Media Case be a storage solution for you? Let us know below.

Store one type of media or a combination in one protective, adaptable media case.

From Office to Client Meeting, Manila File Jackets Prove Durable

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

There are very few document holders that are able to support storage in an office filing cabinet and be durable enough to survive being transported to an outside client meeting. Usually, individuals put documents in a separate, more secure file if they are taking documents outside of the office.

Fortunately, Kleer-fax has a solution that eliminates using multiple files for these types of situations. The Manila File Jackets provide enough protection for documents that travel between offices. Several features contribute to these jackets being ideal for this purpose.

Each jacket has a gusset that extends from top to bottom, ensuring that no documents are lost. There are three different size gussets to select from; 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2”. Additionally, each file is created from a one-piece die cut construction, which has a thumb cut in the front panel to allow for easier reference of documents.

Letter size documents that are stored in this document for a long period of time will also be preserved, since the manila construction is acid-free and archival quality.

How would the Manila File Jackets help you in the workplace? Let us know below!

The gusset expands to fit more letter size documents, and extends to the full height of the file to secure pages in place.

Combo Pack Ideal for Rough Environments

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Rubber bands are ideal for binding together items that sometimes may be difficult to store. While there are different degrees of the strength and size, all bands of the same general purpose. Alliance has several different types of rubber bands for various situations.

Many situations tend to require tough bands that can withstand rough conditions. The STRAC Combo Pack is a set of rubber bands and Cable Wrapz™ that are durable, weather resistant bands. They are even packed in a water-resistant poly bag to avoid the contents being damaged.

This pack has the ability to secure everything from ropes and hoses to suspenders and oars to a rucksack if that is necessary. There are 16 bands in total. The rubber bands come in two different sizes, while the Cable Wrapz™ come in three different sizes.

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The bands in the combo pack have the ability to stretch to adjust to the load, while still allowing for a quick release.

Handwriting Sheets can be Reused for Ideal Study Tool

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

It’s never too early to get your student practicing handwriting skills. Whether they are reviewing the alphabet or learning to write their name, practice makes perfect and GoWrite! has the ideal study tool for this stage in your child’s development.

The Self Stick Dry Erase Handwriting Sheets are fully lined to help guide students as they practice. Each sheet has eight lines, which also include a dotted middle line, indicating the separation between upper and lower case letters.

Since the sheets are self-stick, kids can apply it to their desk or table tops, allowing them to avoid the page moving, while they practice. Whether teachers take advantage of this during class or parents use it to encourage practicing of their skills at home, it is a very beneficial tool for kids to incorporate.

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Lined dry erase sheets make it easy to tell the difference in how upper and lower case letters should be written.

Utility Cart Valuable for Teachers

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

School is back in session and with that comes new schedules and classroom assignments. While many teachers are usually assigned one classroom, some individuals may have to move between rooms throughout the day.

“Commuting” from room to room within the building can force teachers to transport supplies, books and worksheets. Instead of piling numerous items into a bag, Buddy Products have a beneficial cart that makes traveling easy.

The Utility Cart has three shelves that can each hold a total of 65 pounds. Since there are wheels on the cart, teachers can load it up with whatever they need for class and simply wheel it into the next room. The shelves also have the ability to reverse in order to create a tray with a lip to eliminate items from falling while the cart is in motion.

How could the utility cart be beneficial to you? Let us know below.

Make it easy to transport supplies, books and worksheets from classroom to classroom with the Utility Cart.

Make Manuals Easier to Reference with Heavy Duty Holder

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Storing large amounts of information in a public place can often be difficult to do, especially in rough, industrial environments. Making things available, such as a company catalog, can be beneficial to all employees to have access to.

By using C-Line’s High Capacity Stitched Shop Ticket Holder, companies can now store manuals or instruction books in various locations to ensure it is on hand for all employees to reference. The durable vinyl pocket has the ability to protect over 150 pages, allowing for a large amount of information to be stored in the holder.

The shop ticket holder is secured with a Velcro® closure. In order to make documents available, employers can hang the holder by using the metal eyelet located at the top.

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Keep documents protected, while still making them accessible to employees.

Retractable Handle Makes File Case Ideal for Transporting Documents

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Expanding files are a great tool that allow individuals to store documents in one location, while still being able to separate and divide the information within one single file. Tarifold was able to accomplish this, and take the thought a set further.

Unlike other portfolios, the Tarifold Expanding File Case has the ability to carry documents from one location to another while keeping the information stored, protected and organized. The file, which is available in three colors, has a retractable handle that enables transporting documents.

The file pockets have tabs, allowing for identification of the information being stored. The case is made of high quality transparent polypropylene to ensure that it can withstand travel.

Is this product useful for transporting documents in your workplace? Comment below and share with us your thoughts!

Use the expanding file to store letter size documents, while keeping them organized in a file.