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Track Schedules & Expenses on One Calendar

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Many jobs require employees to maintain an expense log in order to track how and why they are spending the company’s money. Documenting expenses can become time consuming if the individual does not track it on a regular basis.

House of Doolittle offers a unique calendar that allows expenses to be tracked. The Weekly Planner with Expense Log is helpful within the work place and especially for employees that may travel regularly or are part of the sales staff.

Each week has its own two-page spread that has half-hour appointments from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm. Not only can you track meetings throughout the week, but there is also an expense log and entertainment log for each week.

The calendar, which is printed on 100% recycled paper containing post-consumer waste with soy inks, display each day in a vertical column. There is a convenient monthly reference calendar on every week.

Having one place to search for appointments and expenses can be beneficial to employees. How would you use House of Doolittle’s Weekly Calendar? Let us know!

Track expenses on a daily basis as you monitor your schedule and upcoming appointments.

File Organizer Useful Beyond the Office

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Being organized means different things to different people. Keeping documents sorted into assigned sections may be organized to one person, while another individual may prefer to avoid storing paperwork in general.

Regardless of your organizational style, Buddy Products Task File Organizer Rack can be beneficial to almost anyone. Typically used as an office organizer, the four-pocket rack can store materials up to 1/2” deep.

The Organizer Rack, however, can add additional storage space for the likes of a kitchen. Instead of taking up drawer space, the rack is capable of making things like the mail, outgoing bills and coupons more readily available.  The top section of the mountable unit can organize supplies such as a stapler or pens.

Made up of 30% recycled textured steel, the Organizer Rack comes in black and platinum, making it easy to blend into any office or kitchen décor.

Have you used Buddy’s Task File Organizer Rack? If so, tell us about it!

The Task File Organizer Rack keeps important documents and supplies available.

Labeling System Helps Identify Where Information is Stored

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

As technology continues to evolve and more information is presented electronically, many companies continue to store a hard copy of information, reports or customer correspondence. Storing documentation can be time consuming, and even harder to refer back to if it is not stored properly.

By utilizing C-Line Products Binder Labels, any company will have the ability to quickly reference information based on their personal labeling system. Whether you choose to organize alphabetically or by calendar year, the binder labels will make finding specific information a much easier task.

The self-adhesive labels are available in five different sizes in order to accommodate various binder sizes. In addition, cardstock inserts are included with the holders, which can be used by handwriting the labels or attaching a printed label to the insert.

C-Line also makes it easy to customize the labels by using a downloadable template and printing it on letter size paper.

What do you use binder labels for? Let us know below!

The Binder Labels affix to the spine of binder in order to make it evident what information is being stored.

On-the-Go Organization is Possible with the Transportable Vertical File

Monday, June 18th, 2012

While desktop organizers work great for sorting files in the office, they often are not ideal for transporting documents to another location. Even when bringing information from your office to a customer meeting, it is still important to stay organized.

Kleer-fax Vertical Files offer a transportable filing system that makes on-the-go organization a reality. While it has the same functions as a filing cabinet, the benefit of this file is in the extra-long flap, which secures documents when they leave the office.  Additionally, the extra heavy front and back panels makes the file durable under commuting conditions.

The vertical file is comprised of heavy Kraft stock, which is 10% post-consumer waste. Since every individual has their own organizational system, Kleer-fax makes the vertical file with three different labeling options; A-Z, January-December, and 1-31.

Are you already using Kleer-fax Vertical Files? Let us know how you use it below.

Kleer-fax Vertical Files has unique preprinted pocket labels that make it easy to identify where information is stored.

Hanging Folder Keeps Documents Accessible

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Depending on the type of work environment, it may be necessary to make important documents available to employees at all times. Some companies may want information like emergency contacts or machinery manuals to be within easy reach of a staff member at all times.

Tarifold offers many types of paperwork organizers to fit multiple needs. The Hanging Wallet Folder, however, is a unique storage unit for files, manuals, catalogs and other letter size documents.

The folder can be hung on a wall, which allows companies to put it in a highly visible location. The pocket expands outward, making it easy to insert or retrieve any pages that an employee may need to reference.

The Hanging Wallet Folder makes information available to staff members. Tell us how your office could benefit from the Tarifold organizer!

The outer pocket of the Hanging Wallet Folder expands in order to make files easy to grab.

Rubber Bands Continue to Be a Valuable Tool

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Although rubber bands may be one of the oldest, most common office products available, they continue to be a valuable tool that has the ability to group multiple objects together and keep users organized. Depending on the type of rubber bands, they can be used to identify objects within the grouping by color coding.

Alliance Rubber has many traditional and some unusual types of rubber bands available.  The Sterling Colored Rubber Bands are available in three different colors and numerous sizes, ranging from size 14 to 64, making them fit the needs a wide range of individuals.

Choose between red, blue and green bands that have a soft stretch, which allows them to be used repeatedly. Whether the bands hold together pencils in your desk drawer or plastic silverware at home, the bands can come in useful in a variety of situations.

What are your Alliance Rubber Bands holding together? Let us know below.

Use the Sterling Colored Rubber Bands to help identify and organize objects by bunching them together.

Vertical Desk Tray Keeps Medical Files Accessible

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

In many industries, it is still common to communicate with colleagues and document work through paper filing. The health industry is one major field that requires several people to exchange information by utilizing one single patient file. Often times, there are many professionals in contact with the patient, which means that several people are handling the file.

Although hospitals and doctor’s offices have their own system for managing the files, Buddy Products has a unique storage option that would be ideal for active files. For an industry as fast paced as healthcare, keeping information as accessible as possible is essential.

The Trio 5 Pocket Vertical Desk Tray is a compact unit that can be stored on any desktop in an effort to allow for files remain visible and available. The shelving unit has five vertical pockets that can store everything from patient files to binders or books that are often used as a reference tool.

The unit comes in black or charcoal, allowing it to match with the rest of the office décor. It is made from 30% post-consumer recycled material and consists of three durable, strong materials; steel, wire and plastic.

Taking a look at Buddy Products Trio 5 Pocket Vertical Desk Tray, how would you use it in your office? Let us know below!

The Buddy Products Vertical Desk Tray keeps important documents and information available, which is helpful if multiple people need access to one file.

Mounting Sheets are Ideal for Graduation Album

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Graduation has come and gone for many students ranging in age from kindergarten all the way through to graduate school. During this time, photos are taken, awards are presented and diplomas are passed out. These mementos become irreplaceable, so it is vital to store them appropriately.

C-Line has a unique product that allows individuals to securely store items of various sizes and orientation on mounting sheets. The Redi-Mount Photo Mounting Sheets are 9” x 11” in size and are pre-punched in order to fit in a three-ring binder.

To use the mounting sheet, simply pull black the plastic page to reveal the adhesive sheet. Place the photo or certificate directly on the sheet and push slightly to secure it. Once the sheet is full, simply pull the plastic back in place in order to secure the items for protection.

The benefit to this product is that each individual has the freedom to choose a layout they desire and essentially, customize their graduation album.

What would you use the Redi-Mount Photo Mounting Sheets for? Comment below and tell us your thoughts.

The Redi-Mount Mounting Sheets make it easy to position pages creatively on the page and customize your own layout.