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Laminated Calendar Expands Over an 18-Month Period

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Getting organized is often easier than maintaining it throughout the year. Whether you aimed at keeping your home office clutter-free or made a resolution to keep files in order, it is never too late to recommit to goals that you once had for yourself.

One major factor in keeping information organized is by tracking deadlines and appointments in order to always be mindful of important dates. Utilizing a calendar can be helpful to accomplishing this goal. In addition, it can make information more visible to the individual.

Understandably, people may not want to go out and purchase a traditional 12-month calendar that will only be used for half the year. Fortunately, House of Doolittle has kept this in mind when developing their line of calendars.

The Four Seasons Reversible 18-month Write-on/ Wipe-off Wall Planner is ideal for any home or work office.  Purchasing it halfway through the year is not an issue, since one side of the planner goes from July 2012 to June 2013.

The wall planner, which is 34 x 37 inches, is heavily laminated, allowing the surface to be wiped clean with a damp cloth once a water soluble marker is used on it. Additionally, the calendar comes with a self-adhesive hanger.

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House of Doolittle can keep your organized with a wall calendar that lasts through July 2013.

Create More Office Storage Space in Minutes

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Tight spaces can sometimes be difficult to maneuver and organize. When it comes to office space, a small work area can make it challenging to store paperwork and files. It is important to get creative in order to maximize on the space that is at your disposal.

Buddy Products 58 in. Metal Space Saver allows you to store paperwork and office supplies directly on your desktop in order to increase storage space.

The shelving unit is made out of solid steel with high impact plastic end caps. The space saver is set up to accommodate the vertical storage of standard sized binders in one compartment and store letter size file folders on shelves in another location.

The Space Saver comes in two different colors; black and graphite. In order to customize the look of the unit, the panels pop out and can be covered with fabric in order to match the office décor. In addition, the shelves can be adjusted in order to make the storage device as functional as possible.

How would Buddy Products Metal Space Saver help in your office? Tell us your thoughts below.

Whether you are looking to store binders or shelve project folders, Buddy's Space Saver helps you maximize on storage space.

File Jacket Label & Handle All-in-One

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

File jackets are a great place to store numerous files in one central location. They become particularly helpful when trying to file away files from previous years. Taking all your prospective accounts, for example, and storing them within one file jacket helps to group all the information together.

When the jacket is stored on a self, it may not be easy to identify if there are numerous holders being store in one space. Writing on the file’s gusset is an option, but it does eliminate any potential for reuse. Instead, Kleer-fax has developed a laser/inkjet compatible label-handle combination tool that can be used.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands, which come in five color selections, have the ability to identify file jackets, while making it easy to retrieve. By printing on the labels, you are creating a professional, customized tag that makes it easy to know what type of information is stored in the file jacket.

The label can also be used as a handle, making the jacket easy to retrieve. In addition, using the handle will extend the lifestyle of the file jacket by eliminating the potential for the gusset to tear or stretch.

Tell us about your experience with Kleer-fax Jazz Bands.

Preserve your file jackets by using Kleer-fax Jazz Bands as a handle, making it easier to retrieve the file from storage.

Multi-Directional Organizer Great for any Desktop

Monday, May 21st, 2012

If you are familiar with Tarifold’s products, then you are aware of their wide range of desktop organizers. The large color selection makes it easy to customize the organizer to be color coded if necessary. In addition, many of the units have the ability to expand larger in order to account for growing files.

One of Tarifold’s newest products is the Crystal Desk Unit Organizer. While this unit has the same benefits as any of Tarifold’s organizer, the Crystal Desk Unit has the ability to be used in multiple directions to accommodate for both horizontal and vertical orientated pages.

The professional look of the organizer is set off by the Lucite base and top. The unit comes with the option of having 10 or 20 letter size pockets.

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Tarifold's unique Crystal Desk Unit Organizer can be used in a portrait or landscape orientation.

Organize and Label Cables with Alliance

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Using electronic devices such as desktop computers, cable and DVD players can at times create a cord nightmare. There is a larger potential for wires and cable to become tangled together the more devices that are used. This makes it difficult to determine what the cords belong to.

In order to avoid this complicated mess, Alliance Rubber has developed a specialty product that offers a unique solution. The IT Cable Wrapz make it easy to organize numerous cords in addition to labeling them for identification purposes.

The Wrapz are made of non-conductive, non-metallic material that makes them appropriate cable organizers.   They also come in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate the type of cables they will be used for. The write-on area is located on every Wrapz. Alliance suggests using a permanent marker on the surface to ensure the label is visible.

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Organize and label cables in order help identify what device they belong to with Alliance IT Cable Wrapz.

Companies Look to Store Materials in Secure Safe

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Security within the workplace can sometimes be vital to a company’s livelihood. Having the ability to safely store important documents, financial or accounting paperwork and other confidential items is a necessity to businesses.

Buddy Products offer many security options that have the ability to cater to employers’ needs. One item offered is the Small Electronic Drawer Safe. Whether you choose to mount the safe or store it in a desk drawer, it provides heavy duty security.

The door alone is 11 gauge steel construction, while the body of the safe is 14 gauge steel construction. In order to access the contents of the safe, a security code must be entered on the electronic keypad. The front has a faceplate that stores the backup key lock in case the battery fails. Mounting hardware and batteries are included with the safe.

What are your thoughts on the Small Electronic Drawer Safe? Would it be beneficial in your work place? Let us know!

Buddy Products Electronic Drawer Safe can conveniently fit into a standard size desk drawer.

Versatile Legal Document Case is a C-Line First

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Are you looking to store a large amount of paper in one location? C-Line’s Legal Document Case allows you to store up to 1,000 sheets of paper within a single carrier.

Since the case is legal in size, the user has the option to store a combination of 8 1/2” x 11” and 8 1/2” x 14” size papers. The durable polypropylene holder is made of archival quality material, which eliminates the potential for photocopy transfer. Additionally, the elastic closure secures documents in place, making this case ideal for transporting documents.

Unlike expanding files, the document case allows you more flexibility with how you choose to sort your files and paperwork. Instead of splitting sections up within the expanding file, you have the option to only store very large files, if you desire.

How would the Legal Document Case work for you? Share with us below.

Since this document case has sewn edges and a fabric gusset, it can expand to fit up to 1,000 legal size pages.

Student Schedule with Index Tabs Organizes Course Information

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Are you looking for ways to keep your student organized? Although some individuals need more help than others in this department, the key is to keep it simple and easy for anyone to maintain.

Kleer-fax knows how to accomplish this with the use of index tabs. In fact, they have Plain Die Cut Ring Book Indexes that are specifically for students. The 5-tab sets are letter size pages that are hole punched allowing them to fit in any standard size three-ring binder.

The first index tab page has a unique schedule that is intended to make it easy to identify when the student has courses. Additionally, there is a section for the student to add in personal information, which is helpful if the binder itself ever gets misplaced.

The assorted tabs make it easy to define sections within the binder, especially if the 1/2 inch tabs are labeled. There are a variety of ways the indexes could be used. One suggested use is to separate all classes into individual sections and store general course information such as a calendar, syllabus or assignment information in the section.

How would the Ring Book Indexes benefit your student at home? Let us know below.

Keep your student organized by using Kleer-fax index tabs to create sections in a 3-ring binder, while keeping their schedule accessible.

Mailing & Storage Tubes Ideal for Poster Shipments

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

When it comes to shipping delicate items, protection is important to ensure that the contents of the package are preserved. Shipping posters and large marketing banners to trade shows or business conferences can sometimes be the most difficult to mail. The material of these items has the potential to develop creased corners or wrinkled in appearance if not properly protected.

Alliance Rubber has shipping products that are created for this type of situation. The Mailing & Storing Tubes offers protection for basically anything that can be rolled up. The sleek tub design has a wall thickness of .050, which is commercial grade. Additionally, the storage tubes are made up of 100% recycled fibers.

There are three difference sizes that Alliance offers in order to accommodate various charts and other posters’ dimensions. Once the material is place in the tube, there are plastic end caps the fit on the ends of the tube in order to secure the contents during travel.

Whether you use these tubes to store banners or ship them to events, Alliance provides the protection you need to preserve the material. How would the Mailing & Storing Tubes be helpful to you? Let us know below.

Store or ship trade show posters and marketing banners with Alliance Mailing & Storage Tubes.