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Tarifold Keeps Emergency Procedures Accessible in Classroom

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Misplacing documents that hold valuable information can often be very frustrating. As with many professions, teachers have to be aware of emergency procedures, class rosters and parent contact information at all times. This makes it essential to stay organized and keep vital documents accessible.

Although Tarifold products are traditionally used in office environments, the Wall Unit Starter Set will keep necessary documents on hand in every classroom. Whether you choose to store frequently used materials or procedural lists, Tarifold allows you to have one central location to store crucial information.

The starter set comes with a snap-on index tab and hardware that will allow the unit to be mounted to the wall. There are 10 gray, wire reinforced pockets that mount onto the bracket. The pockets hold up to 20 pages and are also made up of polypropylene, which eliminates copy transfer.

Tarifold’s Wall Unit allows documents to be easily referenced in a variety of environments.

What would you store in the Tarifold Wall Unit? Comment below!

Using the wall unit in the classroom will ensure that visitors and substitute teachers will always have a reference guide available.


Big Bands Group Tax Documents Together

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Tax time is here, and it’s important to begin gathering up various documents and receipts that your accountant will need in order to make filing go as smooth as possible. As you locate paperwork, your 2011 tax file folder is sure to continue to grow and expand.

If you’re looking to fit as much as possible in that folder, Alliance Rubber Bands will be able to safely secure all your important documents when you travel to see your accountant.

Alliance’s Big Bands are red in color and 7” x 1/8” in size. They have the ability to stretch and expand to even fit around a medium size trash can to secure garbage bags in place! They are versatile rubber bands that have value at home and at the office.

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If your file folder becomes too full, use Alliance's Big Bands to secure all documents in place.