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Create Storage Space Anywhere

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

It may be too early for spring cleaning, but it is never too soon to get organized. Whether you are sorting things at the office or at home, Buddy Products has an instant storage device for you. The Four Shelf Metal Mobile can help to unclutter storage closets.

Organize storage bins, file boxes and extra supplies by utilizing the four shelves on the storage rack.

Additionally, the rack has wheels on the bottom that allows the stored items to easily be relocated. However, once a permanent location has been selected, the casters can be locked to ensure that the storage rack does not move when being used. Conveniently, shelves can adjust to fit the items that individuals wish to store.

When used in the right location, this storage rack can be used to create a storage place for all of last year’s files, especially if you are facing a space issue. How could Buddy’s Storage Rack cure your storage problems? Let us know below.

Maximize on potential storage space by using Buddy's Storage Racks to organize containers, files and extra supplies.

Traditional Message Pad is Still a Practical Tool

Friday, January 20th, 2012

In an office setting, the majority of everyday tasks are completed by utilizing electronic devices. Although they make it easy to efficiently accomplish a variety of things, there are still some traditional methods that are essential to the workplace.

The time-honored telephone pad is one of those necessities. Kleer-fax’s Jotta-Call Telephone Message Books allows you to always have a single location to store phone messages. Since there is a carbon copy of the original message, it provides a hard copy of previous notes, which makes it ideal to use as a reference tool.

The message book, which comes in white or pink colors, is preprinted to allow the individual to fill in standard fields that are requested by those taking a phone message, such as contact information and the note that is to be relayed. Each spiral bound book can store 400 messages. Since there are four messages per pad, the sheets of paper are perforated to allow them to easily tear off.

Avoid scrambling to search for paper as the caller waits to give you the message! Conveniently store the Kleer-fax book by the telephone to ensure you are always prepared.

Do you still use traditional office products? Let us know below!

The Telephone Message Book allows you to save the canary copies in the book for future reference.

Make Your Most Used Documents Stand-Out

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Working outside of the office or traveling to business meetings in general can make it difficult to stay as organized as you would like to be. While commuting, you run the risk of damaging documents or, even worse, losing them.

Above all else, high usage documents, such as order forms or company information sheets, should be in a designated area that can always be located. Fortunately, Tarifold’s Document Wallet provides an easily accessible storage solution.

The document wallet has a unique flap design that provides additional protection for your documents. Since it has a short edge opening, it is ideal for the folder to use documents that have been printed in a landscape format.

Use the white label, located on the bottom left corner, to identify the contents of the holder.

Since the polypropylene material is lightweight and thin, it can fit into a briefcase’s front pocket to separate the contents from other files. If placed with additional folders, the assorted colors make the document wallet easy to identify among other storage options.

Would Tarifold’s Document Wallet with Flaps help organize your briefcase? Tell us below!

The bright assortment of colors makes the Document Wallet easily identifiable among a group of files.

Stand-Out By Adding Detail to Presentation Materials

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Although your presentations may be all business, your report cover doesn’t need to be. Avoid going with the predictable options. Instead, add some color and style to your proposal documents to make sure you stand out from the crowd to your clients.

C-Line Products’ Clip N’ Go Report Cover adds detail to your overall presentation, which makes it easy to leave a lasting impression. Keep your documents secure in a translucent two-tone polypropylene cover, allowing you to create a customized cover page that is visible through the frosted, clear front cover. Match your company colors with the binding edge and back cover, which come in an assortment of colors to choose from.

The report cover has a unique swing clip that holds the pages in place. Simply insert up to 30 letter-size documents, close the cover and swing the clip closed. Additionally, the clip makes it easy to add or remove pages from the presentation without having to reorganize the entire report.

Utilizing this cover makes it easy for clients to take notes as necessary directly on the report throughout the presentation. The heavy duty polypropylene not only protects documents, but also provides a professional look and feel to the report.

Have you used C-Line’s Clip N’ Go Report Cover? Looking to use it any time soon? Tell us about it below!

Coordinate your Clip N' Go Report Cover to match with your company's logo!

Larger Index Tabs Make Labeling Easier

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Have you ever tried to create a label for a binder section, but couldn’t fit it within the small tab on the index divider? Sometimes, even trying to abbreviate the section’s name will not work because it still is too long or the label is difficult to understand because of the abbreviation.

Kleer-fax has index dividers that come with tabs that are able to support longer titles. In fact, the tabs are 50% larger than standard index tabs.

The indexes, which come in packs of five or eight dividers, have double-sided gold Mylar reinforcement strips, which provide additional support. The letter-sized dividers are also three-hole punched making it easy to use in any standard 3-ring binder.

Each set of indexes comes with laser/inkjet printer inserts, which allows individuals to customize binder sections.  Depending on personal preferences, the tabs can also come in a set of clear or assorted.

Would these index tabs help you organize your binder? Tell us how below!

Kleer-fax Max Tabs allows you to have longer labels since the tabs are 50% larger than standard ones.

Scrapbooking Passes Time in Winter

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Winter is often a busy period that encompasses the holiday season and New Year celebration. However, once those festivities come to a close, depending on your location the temperature usually remains low for a number of months after. This forces individuals to keep busy by investing time in projects around the house.

Scrapbooking is a great indoor activity that allows you to get rid of the pile of photos and store them in a way that allows everyone to enjoy the moments captured in the pictures. Fiskars has several unique products that aim at enhancing your scrapbook page.

Fiskars’ Border Punch Leaf Design is ideal for decorating autumn scrapbook pages. Create a border around the page and make corners unique by using the border punch device.

To use successfully, simply align the border punch with the desired location on the page then push down the punch lever. There is an alignment grid, which assists in lining up the design, especially if it is done throughout the whole page.

The border punch leaf design can be used in a variety of paper crafts to add distinguishing details to a scrapbook page, homemade holiday card and more.

How will you use the Fiskars’ Border Punch Leaf Design for? Let us know below.

The leaf design is ideal for adding flair to a scrapbook page filled with your Autumn photos and memories.