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Get Creative with Homemade Holiday Cards

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Are you sending out holiday cards this year? Whether you buy store bought cards or send out pictures, there are many traditional options to choose from. But this year why not try something new, and make your own cards!

Fiskars can help you personalize your cards and add detail that cannot be bought at the store. There are several paper punch designs that have the ability to provide unique features to your homemade card.

Particularly, the 3 in 1 Corner Punch – Flowers design has three different designs in one compact unit. This tool has the ability to create beautiful and easy results in minutes. The corner punch helps you align the page so that the design appears even on all corners.

So how does it work? All you have to do is place the paper in the desired location, push down and you’re done! The corner punch can also be used when you begin scrapbooking all your winter holiday pictures.

What are your thoughts on homemade holiday cards? Let us know below.

Take a look at the three unique designs that all come with Fiskars' 3 in 1 Corner Punch - Flowers design.

Preparing for 2012 with House of Doolittle

Friday, November 25th, 2011

As if winter and the holiday season didn’t come fast enough, 2012 is just around the corner. Are you ready?

If not, Directly Yours’ newest addition can help you prepare. House of Doolittle has all your calendar needs covered for the upcoming year. Whether you prefer a desk top calendar over a monthly planner, there are several options to pick from.

One of House of Doolittle’s most unique designs is featured on a desk pad calendar. The Landscapes Calendar features nature scenes in addition to a different inspirational quote for each month. The overall color scheme successfully complements the picturesque scenes.

The 12-month calendar is 22” x 17” and has a convenient full year reference calendar on each month. Pages are held in by reinforced corners with antique-finish leatherette binding.

Take a look at House of Doolittle calendars and tell us what design is your favorite!

Weekends are highlighted in a different color to help them stand out!

Work Place Space Saver Enhances Office

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Ever felt that as your work projects begin to stack up, so does the piles on your desk? It can become frustrating to create storage space when it simply doesn’t exist.

Buddy Products can help you free up some space on your desktop in the matter of minutes. By using the Flush Mount LCD/ Plasma Mount, you are able to attach the monitor to the wall, which will leave more desk space for files in addition to adding a unique accent to your office.

The mount has an easy installation process, making it a good do-it-yourself project. There is a tilting design allowing your monitor to be adjusted as necessary. Additionally, Buddy Products includes an expansion plate, which allows the mount to hold sizes over 26 inches.

You have the opportunity to save space, while adding cosmetic value to your office. Is anyone currently using Buddy’s LCD/Plasma Mount? Let us know below.

The mount extends less than 4 inches from the wall, making the monitor look like it's floating in air!

Create Professional Presentation Books in Minutes

Friday, November 18th, 2011

You are preparing for a big meeting. The presentation that you have spent months putting together is now complete and ready to be viewed by your clients. As you attempt to assemble your report, you begin contemplating how to present all this information.  You’ve put so much time into preparing the presentation, that you would hate for it to fall short at this point.

You consider using folders, a binder and even a Zip N’ Go Portfolio. However, none seem to have that professional appeal you are looking for.

C-Line Products’ Presentation Book can help to add the finishing touches on any presentation.

It features 12 clear, top-loading sheet protectors that are bound into the book. The sheet protectors are acid-free, archival quality so it eliminates the potential for photocopy transfer. When the book is open, the pages lie flat making it easy to view the content on the page.

The book has a clear view spine that allows you for the presentation to become even more tailored to the project. By using templates, which can be found on C-Line’s website, you can create customized spines that are easily inserted.

Additionally, there is a pocket inside of the front cover, which allows for supplemental information to be stored. This is the perfect place for your clients to store notes they may have taken throughout the presentation.

How would you use this C-Line product? Let us know below!

Putting a material and information together is easy when using C-Line Products' Presentation Book.

Office Product and Stress Reliever in One

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Have you ever heard of an office product that can also function as a stress reliever tool?

Alliance Rubber has a unique product that has multiple uses. The Desk Rubber Band Ball is the perfect desktop accessory. Whether you use it at your home or work office, it can help you through your work day in more ways than one.

The band ball is made up of 250 rubber bands that are 2” in size and come in assorted colors. Since the ball is compact, it can remain on your desktop in order to make the bands accessible at all times. The colors make it an eye appealing accessory that can be used to color code items when in use.

Additionally, the rubber band ball can be used like a stress ball would be. Simply, squeeze the band ball in order to relieve stress.

What are your thoughts on Alliance’s Rubber Band Ball? Let us know below!

Use Alliance Rubber' Desktop Rubber Band Ball and add a colorful desktop accessory that can serve multiple purposes!

Longer File Labels Possible with Kleer-Fax Tabs

Friday, November 11th, 2011

The primary reason of filing documents is to make information more accessible by allowing them to easily be identified by locating a clearly labeled file. The file name must be specific in order to maintain organization and allow for the system to work.

Sometimes it can become difficult to be detailed when creating a label to fit into the standard size tab. Abbreviating words can start to get confusing, making the file harder to identify.

Kleer-fax has a product that allows you to customize your own tab. The Mak-Ur-Own Strip Tabs can be cut to size to allow files to be labeled with greater detail. Each box comes with ten 6” strips that have a permanent adhesive allowing them to easily stick to any standard file.

Plain white inserts are included to make labeling easy. The tabs are available in 1/3” and 1/2″ tab extensions.

Have more flexibility in how you label your files by using the Mak-Ur-Own Strip Tabs! How would you put this product to use? Share your thoughts and comment below.

Have more freedom when it comes to labeling your files by making your own tabs with Kleer-fax!

Wall Safe Securely Stores Valuable Items

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

How do you store documents like passports, birth certificates and social security cards? The list goes on of important materials that often require a greater amount of security than a standard filing cabinet can offer.

Buddy Products provides a unique solution to deliver protection to confidential items. The Economy Wall Safe is approximately 500 cubic inches of storage space that is secured by a double, reinforced heavy gauge steel door.

The opening measures approximately 12 ¼” x 6” in size. All contents of the wall safe are protected by a vending lock and two keys are included. Additionally, the safe is comprised of 30% post-consumer recycled materials.

The unique part about the safe is that it has the ability to be stored on a wall in virtually any desired location, allowing it to become almost unnoticeable.

Where would you put Buddy Products’ Economy Wall Safe? Share your thoughts and comment below.

Look at how much can be stored in the Buddy Products' Economy Wall Safe's 500 cubic inches of store space.

Bubble Wrap Your Memories

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Halloween has come and gone, and unfortunately, it is the anticlimactic time after a holiday when the clean-up must begin. The spooky decorations will be removed and stored until next year rolls around. Decorations often have valuable memories so making sure the items are protected becomes very important.

Alliance Rubber has a lightweight Air Bubble Protective Wrap that will provide that additional amount of cushion necessary to keep sentimental, fragile items secure. The wrap is easy to use, especially since there is a perforated seam every 12” in order to help separate pieces, while eliminating waste.

The Air Bubble Protective Wrap is water-resistant so if items are being stored in places, such as a basement, it will protect them from potential water damage. Additionally, if you no longer need the wrap, simply just dispose by recycling the material so that it can be reused in the future.

Whether you are looking to store Halloween decorations or ship a grandparent’s birthday present, the Air Bubble Protective Wrap is ideal to fill up the additional space in a box and protect it to avoid any damage.

What would you use Alliance’s Air Bubble Protective Wrap for? Let us know below!

Protect your Halloween decorations by wrapping them with Alliance's lightweight, water-resistant bubble wrap.