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Tame the Cord Clutter

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Whether it is the computer cords at your desk or the cable and TV wires behind the entertainment system at home, it seems that our life becomes increasingly cramped with electronic cords to all the gadgets we use throughout the day. Sad to say, the wires are not going anywhere any time soon, so how can they be stored in a way that is less messy and is a little more resourceful use of space?

Alliance Rubber makes a product to solve such a problem. The Multi Color Cable Wrapz is an assortment of various colors and sizes that help to organize several types of cords.

There are four different sizes in each pack, which coordinate with a particular color. The Cable Wrapz help you tackle clutter of all sizes, since the wrapz range in size from 4” to 10”.

The Cable Wrapz are made out of a specific material that makes them all-weather, so they can qualify as a tool for indoor and outdoor organization projects. They can be reused in the future if necessary.

Alliance’s Multi Color Cable Wrapz makes managing extension cords and other cables a much more realistic organization goal.

The four different types of Cable Wrapz are color-coded by size.

Dry Erase Calendars Organize Project Schedules

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

It is often said that planning is the key to success. Part of the planning process for any type of project is to have a timeline mapped out of when and how tasks will be competed.

Unfortunately, majority of professionals rarely focus on one individual project. Instead, they are typically required to handle multiple assignments, which makes the planning process even more complex.

One tool that can help manage schedules for various projects is the GoWrite! Self-Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets. The calendar sheets allow you to devote one calendar for each project that is being worked on. This makes it easier to monitor progress since it is more specific than having one general calendar.

Since it is dry erase, schedules can easily be adjusted to reflect any changes or progress that is made. In addition, it allows for the calendars to be reused after the project has been completed.

The calendars have a self-stick back, making it easy to apply to visible areas in your office, such as your desk, walls or cabinets.

GoWrite! Self-Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets makes it easier to schedule and plan for multiple projects.

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The Self-Stick Dry Erase Calendar is perfect for organizing individual project schedules!

Hanging File Box Good For Space Restrictions

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Do you ever feel as though you have stacks of things to store, but no space to put it? Whether it is at work or your home office, this is often a common problem that arises.

Before turning to discarding your files, Buddy Products Hanging File can provide you with an alternative solution. Instead of purchasing a large filing cabinet that inevitably will require additional room, this file box allows you to store files securely without taking up as much space.

The box itself can easily fit under your desk or be placed on the desk, which makes files more accessible.

Buddy Products Hanging File can fit letter-sized hanging file folders. The handle, located on top, makes it easy to transport files if needed. Also, information in your files can be protected and secured by utilizing the built-in lock.

Using Buddy Products Hanging File is a great way to solve any storage space issues you may have.

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Store additional files in Buddy Products compact hanging file box!

Personalize Presentations of All Types

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

It’s presentation time, and while you are putting together hand-outs for all the attendees, you realize there is a problem. You don’t have anything to put the information in! All the appropriate options have been considered: binders, report covers, document cases. The list goes on, but nothing seems to fit with the various hand-out sizes you have.

Tarifold’s Document Folder can ease your presentation woes. The double pockets can fit up to A4 sized paper, providing for a range of different sizes to be stored. Inside the folder, there is a convenient business card holder that is a professional way to provide contact information.

The translucent folder comes in smoke and assorted colors. A unique way to personalize your presentation would be to create a cover page to put in the folder, which can easily be seen through the front cover of the folder.

Also, there is a label on the top left corner of the document folder. This could be used to write down the attendees’ names, which is a small way to add additional detail to the presentation packets.

Be sure to consider Tarifold’s Document Folder as a durable, professional option to get organized the next time you have an important presentation!

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Tarifold Document Folders come in assorted and a smoke option, which makes it easy to customize hand-outs by matching them to the company's colors.

Organization Gone Mobile

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Ever thought about how you could be more organized when commuting from one client to another? Sure, it’s easy to keep every piece of paper in place when you are at your desk, but what happens when your office goes mobile?

When it comes to making life easier on yourself, organization is a simple tool to use that allows for files or information to be more easily accessible to you. Keeping the order while working outside the office takes one talented individual, or an even more capable office product that can aid in keeping papers organized while on-the-go.

C-Line Products Expanding File with Zipper can lend a helping hand. The expanding file is sturdy enough to survive the commute, but flexible enough to fit up to 300 sheets of paper.

The 13-pocket expanding file has color coded, tabbed dividers, which allows you to take organizing to the next level. It is secured by a zipper, making sure paper doesn’t shuffle around. The outer appearance of the expanding folder is professional and compact, easily allowing it to fit into briefcases or small travel bags.

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C-Line Products Expanding File with Zipper

C-Line Products Expanding File with Zipper helps you organize on-the-go.