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Keep Control of Controlled Substances

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Worried that medications and other controlled substances may be used improperly? Keep them under digital lock and key with the Buddy Products Digital Lock Drug Dispensary Safe.

The cabinet-style safe is designed to keep medicines secure. Made of heavy-duty steel, this safe is ideal for protecting medications from children and others in your home or place of business.

The safe features adjustable shelves for ease in storing bottles and jars of various sizes. The digital lock is programmable with an override feature. The safe also comes with two keys for manual locking and unlocking.

Buddy Products Digital Lock Drug Dispensary Safe

Safely store medications either in your home or organization with the Buddy Products Digital Lock Drug Dispensary Safe.

Ease in Stapling Equals Elated Employee

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Don’t dread the task of stapling reports and presentations together? Make it easy on yourself with the PaperPro Desktop Stapler.

With minimal effort, you can have those pages stapled together in no time. The revolutionary design lets you staple papers with the simple touch of two fingers.

Plus, by not pounding on the common desk accessory every time you use it, you’ll ensure your stapler is around for years to come.

PaperPro Desktop Stapler

Don’t struggle when stapling papers. Get the PaperPro Desktop Stapler for easy, one-touch use.

Give Your Binders an Elegant Appearance

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Are your binders looking a bit boring? Give them a hint of class with Kleer-fax Preprinted Black Leather A-Z Tabbed Index Dividers.

The index dividers feature black leather tabs that are gold stamped for an eye-catching appearance. Each is preprinted for alphabetical sorting. The 32-pound canary stock used for the divider pages is made from 30% post-consumer waste.

The USA-made dividers are three-hole punched and available in a variety of sizes, to accommodate half-sheet, letter and legal size binders. Whatever the application, Kleer-fax tabs will make it look professional.

Kleer-fax Preprinted Black Leather A-Z Tabbed Index Dividers

Kleer-fax Preprinted Black Leather A-Z Tabbed Index Dividers lend a touch of class and professionalism to your binders.

Seal and Pack It with Confidence

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Shipping out numerous packages on a daily basis, but not sure which packing tape to use? Try one of the two Alliance Rubber Polypropylene Packaging Tape options.

The clear tape will hold tight for your most fragile and important packaging needs. Each roll is 2 inches wide by 55 yards (or 165 feet) long. The tape is available in two types – 1.8 mil thick with hot melt adhesive and 2.6 mil thick with acrylic adhesive.

Hot melt adhesive works well in environments that are between 45 and 120 degrees. It provides a good bond for most carton, box and envelope sealing applications, but can yellow with time. It is a good low-cost option if you are shipping out a high number of packages.

Acrylic adhesive can be used in a wider range of temperatures, 32 to 140 degrees. Although more costly than the hot melt counterpart, it is seen as a more all-purpose tape. Acrylic adhesive is favored when carton appearance is important, due to the fact that the tape is clear and resists yellowing.

Whether wrapping, packing or sending, be sure to check out our complete selection of mail and ship products.

Alliance Rubber Polypropylene Packaging Tape

Alliance Rubber Polypropylene Packaging Tape is available in two thicknesses and adhesives to meet your package sealing needs.

Keep Master Keys and Copies In Check

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Find it difficult to keep track of master keys and their copies? Get a handle on the situation with the Buddy Products RepliKey Desk Drawer Tray.

The tray is designed to make keeping track of master keys and duplicates easy. The set includes an index and cross reference manual to assist in the key-tracking duties. Keys can be cross-referenced three different ways, by Lock Location, Hook Number and Key Code Number.

How does it work? It’s simple. Keys are loaned out and returned in the included “Key Loan Envelopes”. When a key is checked out, it is recorded in the “Key Loan Record” and a yellow “Loan Ticket” is filled out, both of which are included with the system. Then, the ticket is placed on the hook, where the duplicate key just hung. When the key is returned, the ticket is removed and replaced with the key and a return note is recorded in the “Key Loan Record”.

As the name implies, the key tracking system is made to fit in secure locations, such as desk drawers, safes and file cabinets. Each system has a maximum capacity of 56 keys.

Buddy Products RepliKey Desk Drawer Tray

Buddy Products RepliKey Desk Drawer Tray keeps track of master and duplicate keys in one convenient, secure location.

Zip It and Go

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Effortlessly transport papers when on-the-go with a Zip ‘N Go Expanding Portfolio from C-Line Products.

The side-loading file features an easy-to-slide zipper that keep your documents safe while you travel. Each portfolio holds up to 200 letter size pieces of paper.

One side of a translucent polypropylene material, so you can easily see and retrieve the contents. All portfolios also feature a color (red, blue or purple) or plaid (gray, orange and white pattern) backing.

The stylish showing and fine functionality make it a superior selection when storing meeting materials.

C-Line Products Zip 'N Go Expanding Portfolio

The C-Line Zip 'N Go Expanding Portfolios expand to hold up to 200 pages while you travel from meeting to meeting.

Leave Photo Album Blandness Behind

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Do you flip through your photo albums and scrapbooks and think, “something’s missing”? If so, try jazzing up your photos with the Fiskars Imperial Design Photo Corner Punch.

The compact punch is the perfect solution to livening up dull and boring photos. With a simple press of the punch, you can create a custom frame for your photos.

Punch four corners of a piece of paper and insert the photo into the slots for an impressive, but quickly-made photo mat.

Or do the reverse effect by punching the actual photo prints. Then, mount them on color scrapbook paper or directly into the album.

Fiskars Photo Corner Punch - Imperial

Fiskars Photo Corner Punch helps to quickly create photo frames and mats that take your pictures to the next level.

Quit Playing Games and Organize Those Cards

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Have stacks of cards piled around your office? Get them organized with Buddy Products Card Cabinets.

The USA-made card cabinets are available with one, two or three drawers, with each drawer holding up to 1600 cards. The files are available for different card sizes – 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 8 and 6 x 9 – and in a variety of colors – grey, black and tan.

Each drawer features a metal drawer pull, which doubles as a label holder, for ease in identifying the inner contents. To protect the cards, the cabinet is made of scratch-resistant textured steel. To protect your desk and shelves, it has no-mar rubber feet.

The card cabinets are stackable and feature smooth-sliding nylon glides, follower blocks that keep the cards upright and bail stops to prevent the drawers from falling out.

Get yourself out of the clutter with the top-selling black two drawer file for 3 x 5 cards (item #BDY-1635-4).

Buddy Products Card Cabinets

Buddy Products Card Cabinets keep necessary information organized and at your fingertips.